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6 Best Wedding Planning Tools & Apps

There are countless apps and tools available online that can make your wedding planning experience a whole lot easier.

The wedding planning experience can often be an intense, time-consuming, and emotional roller-coaster of a journey. One that few are really prepared for!

If you’re entering into, or in the midst of wedding planning, are you're starting to feel a little lost, fear not. We've put together a list of the best online wedding planning tools and apps that'll help get your wedding planning back on track.

wedding planning tools and apps online

The tools and apps we're sharing typically become integral to the wedding planning journey of most modern couples. As they help make things more efficient, structured, and crucially, enjoyable! Which, for us, is a critical factor in the wedding planning experience.

6 Best Wedding Planning Tools & Apps

Google Docs & Evernote

You can’t really plan a wedding without some form of schedule or spreadsheet. Sorry!

If you haven't already chosen a tool, or app to help you create wedding planning spreadsheets, we would recommend Google Docs. One of the simplest online tools that'll allow you to keep track of everything in real-time, and share with your planning team. From the budget, to timings and contracts, right through to the all important guest list.

As the perfect complement to Google Docs, we'd suggest Evernote, an app that helps you to collect and share inspirational ideas, photos, links, and articles all in one place.

The Wedding Bible

This is less of a tool, and more of a wedding planning resource. The Wedding Bible is a critically acclaimed go-to reference book for anyone planning a wedding. Written by Sarah Haywood, one of the world’s leading wedding and party planners, this ultimate guide is packed full of advice, top tips, checklists, planning solutions and inspirational imagery from real weddings.

Designed for weddings with style, sophistication and panache, it’s not necessarily an 'essential' planning resource, but it does cover everything you need to know about planning a wedding. And, it is beautiful, which makes it a pretty epic gift for anyone planning a wedding.

Online Wedding Planning Assistant

This website offers almost every tool you could need to plan a wedding, and it's completely free. With no need to sign up to annoying mailing lists, or subscribe to a monthly payment plan.

On Wedding Planning Assistant you'll find a free seating chart maker, budget calculator, guest list tool, wedding website maker, a timeline template and much more! Everything can be found within your very own planning project, which can be accessed wherever and whenever you like, by whomever you like!

All round, this website ticks so many boxes, and we're yet to find a better free wedding planning tool or app. But keep reading!


Bridebook is another free site that offers a great range of tools and services that aim to make wedding planning a breeze. On there you'll find suppliers through their search tool, you can create a personalised wedding checklist, manage your guest list, and calculate your budget all in one place.

The site also provides expert advice and inspiration to help bring your dream wedding ideas to life. So whether you need help finding the perfect wedding venue or want to stay organised throughout the planning process, Bridebook has everything you need.

Wedding Website Maker

We recently put together a post exclusively covering our favourite wedding website makers, which you can find here. But we thought we should include the very best site in this wedding planning tools list, as it deserves another mention!

Out of all the free wedding websites out there, With Joy has to be our favourite. For absolutely no investment on your part, this website provides a premium service, with a fully customisable template.

They offer a whole host of beautifully designed templates, which you can then throw your own wedding colours, fonts, and photos at. They also provide digital RSVPs, wedding party introductions, an app for your guests, and an area for your loved ones to upload their pictures taken on the big day.

wedding planning online tools and apps

Online Calendar of Wedding Shows

With the opportunity to meet and talk face-to-face with suppliers, tour a venue, attend wedding masterclasses and practical demos, watch catwalk showcases and drink a glass of bubbles or 3. Wedding fairs, exhibitions, showcases and venue open days can be a one-stop-planning-shop to quickly cover off several items on your wedding planning to-do-list, all under one roof.

With so many wedding fairs and open days taking place in the UK throughout the year, it’s often hard to keep track of them all and find your best local event. has a comprehensive list of wedding exhibitions up and down the country, meaning you'll never miss your local wedding show!


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