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Cheap Wedding Flowers: Ways to Save on Your Bouquet

Your wedding flowers don't need to be expensive to look bloomin' lovely...

wedding flowers cheap bouquet

If you’re looking for cheap wedding flowers, choosing blooms that are in season is just one way to save on your wedding flowers – and it will help the environment too!

But if you’re still confused by the cost of wedding flowers, follow these easy steps to stay in budget and still keep your wedding bloomin’ lovely…

Cheap Wedding Flowers: Ways To Save On Your Wedding Flowers

The Wedding bouquet

If you feel that you absolutely must have a certain bloom in your bouquet, then have it! Try to balance the cost elsewhere, for example with your bridesmaids’ flowers. Just because you have peonies in your bouquet doesn’t mean your bridesmaids need them too. Perhaps you could substitute them for David Austin roses to keep your costs down?

pink and yellow bouquet for wedding

Arrange your own wedding flowers

Ahead of the big day, attend a flower arranging workshop with your mum or bridesmaids. It could even be part of your hen party or just a fun, girlie day. The day before the wedding, head to your nearest flower market and choose the blooms you want – early in the morning is best for lots of choice and to get the flowers when they are most fresh.

Arrange your table centrepieces yourself at home, ready to take to the venue in the morning. Make sure you keep the flowers in water and place them somewhere cool overnight.

Be tactical

Opt for flowers that have a large head, like hydrangeas, peonies or dahlias. This will allow your florist to create a full bouquet using fewer stems – saving those all important pennies on your budget!

Flowers between venues

If you are having your ceremony at one venue and then moving to a different venue for your wedding reception, allocate someone from your wedding party to co-ordinate moving the flowers with you. The arrangements at the end of the aisle, venue’s entrance and on chairs can all be re-purposed at your reception venue, saving you from buying the blooms all over again.

Grow your own flowers

While all the wedding planning is taking place you could grow your own flowers and pick them the day before the wedding to create your table arrangements. Just make sure you’ve had a practice, been to a workshop and feel confident in your abilities. Don’t risk creating your own bouquet though – leave that to the professionals.

Set a realistic budget for your flowers

Consider how high up on the list of priorities they are and how much you can actually afford, then be up front with your florist about your budget.

wedding flowers cheap bouquet

Keep an open mind about different flowers

You might want to choose your cheap wedding flowers by season, but if you might want peonies, and they’re not in season, your florist will have ideas for similar looking blooms to create the same effect. Give suggestions about the colours and shape of the flowers you want and see what your florist suggests within your budget. You can fine tune things from there.

Fake it with artificial wedding flowers

If you are decorating the ceiling or having a flower wall for people to have photographs in front of, then chances are no one will look at them too closely. Perfect filling in with cheap wedding flowers or artificial blooms and greenery instead.


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