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8 Ways to Save on Your Wedding

You deserve the best, here's how to get it on a budget.

There's no denying we're all living in harder financial times right now. And for those planning a wedding, it can seem almost impossible to save on, or for the big things you want for your special day. But there is always a way.

how to save money on your wedding

Today, we're going to explore and share some quick changes you can make during the wedding planning process that'll help you save, without cutting any major corners. Because you should have that dream celebration, but it's not worth getting into debt to obtain it.

Keep reading for more real wedding approved ways to save money on your wedding day!

How to Save On Your Wedding: Our Tips and Advice

If you need to cut wedding costs and make some savings along the way, we have some tips and expert advice on what options are available for couples on a tighter budget.

Consider when you're getting married.

Tradition dictates that you should get married on a sunny Saturday in June. The most expensive time of the year to tie the knot. You don't need to follow tradition. You can host your wedding whenever you like.

A wedding in the off-season, from November through to March, will cost considerably less than one during summer. As will a celebration on a Saturday. Consider a mid-week wedding, possibly in Autumn, and you will be amazed at the amount of money you'll save.

We understand that it may not be a popular time to have a wedding. Guests will need to take time off work, and you'll have more of a threat of bad weather during that time of the year. But you can make it work.

Host a smaller celebration, with the people you really care about, in a place that has amazing indoor and outdoor spaces. And once all is said and done, and you're comparing your experience, and the figures. You'll wonder why you ever considered a wedding during the traditional time period.

Consider a Wedding Planner

This might sound pretty stupid, to hire an extra person when you're trying to save money on your wedding. But you would be amazed at the amount of cash an experienced wedding planner can save you.

Give them a budget, and they'll know exactly how to create the dream wedding you desire for that price. All the while using their industry contacts to get deals, and better rates on things you would not be able to achieve yourself.

wedding planner saving money

Ask for Help

Whether you're already DIY'ing for the wedding, or you're getting inspired on Pinterest. Never be afraid to ask friends and family for help in making things by hand.

For some of us, it can be hard to ask for help in the first place, or difficult to relinquish control. But if you want to create lots of different DIY elements for your big day, it's almost impossible to do it all yourself.

By enlisting help from loved ones, you'll be saving yourself a fortune, and you'll find that there are endless things you can create yourself. From invitations and food, to decor and even your wedding cake!

Create an Incredible Wedding Plan

Every wedding needs a proper plan if it is to go off 'without a hitch'. When you're trying to save money, this is doubly true.

You need to research early, know real figures for the types of suppliers you're going to need to book, and compile everything before you even consider getting in touch with a venue. Having a clear idea of exactly how much you can spend, and the amount you can afford to splurge on each certain area (such wedding dress, cake, venue etc), will stop you from spending unwisely.

Stock Your Own Bar

The price that venues place on an open bar is staggering, but also justified. Weddings can sometimes get a little boozy, and they just want to cover themselves. But with a little patience, and some clever purchasing, you'll find that stocking your own bar with wine, beer and spirits is sooo much more economical than just going with the venue.

Just be aware that the venue will probably charge you a corkage fee, but that charge, plus the cost to buy your own alcohol, will still give you a saving overall.

Use Seasonal Flowers & Greenery

You may have a sentimental flower that you'd love to have on your big day, but if it's not in season, it will cost the earth to get it. Speak with your florist, and discuss which blooms are in season when you're getting married. They'll be able to give you a selection, and possibly even find something that matches the flower you previously had in mind.

Flowers are also the most expensive part of a floral arrangement. Whereas the greenery is typically quite cheap, and at the moment, very on-trend. Fill your displays with lots of greenery, and you'll create a statement look, while also saving money on your wedding.

Buy Bridal Off-the-Peg

If the budget is tight, and you can't stretch to a full-price wedding dress, then you'd be wise to consider an off-the-peg bridal. We have a stunning collection of styles at Confetti & Curves which is being constantly updated with new designs. Every one is in pristine condition, cleaned and ready to be whisked off to your alterations team!

Buying off-the-peg may mean your choices are more limited, but it doesn't make your gown any less special. We have had countless brides select dresses for their big day from our sale rail, and not only have they appreciated getting a steal of a deal. But they've also fallen for their gown in just the same way as any other of our brides.

Use a Wedding Website

The cost of a full wedding invitation suite is huge, but not a necessary cost. You could instead send out one page with all the vital information on, and a link to your wedding website. On there you can have every single piece of info your guests could possibly need, all presented online, for free.

There may be some guests who can't go online, or use computers. But you'll know who those people are, and you'll be able to tell them just what they need to know.

These days, there's so many different wedding website options available, and you'll find they are effortless to set up. And ideal for sharing engagement pictures, and following the big day, wedding pictures!


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