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Why We Think You Should Create a Mood Board for Your Wedding

A good wedding mood board can capture the essence of your personalities, style, and big day ambitions.

While dreaming of your perfect wedding day, it's important to find a way to keep track of all the things you really love. Consider a wedding mood board for keeping those favourite inspiration pieces all in one place! There are a few different ways to create a wedding mood board, so feel free to steal the ideas you love and build from there!

There’s no shortage of inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest, other bridal blogs. But how do you narrow down all of those wonderful ideas into one unified theme? You create a practical mood board that will effortlessly collate all your thoughts into one helpful, visual presentation.

mood board for wedding

If you’re only just beginning the wedding planning process, a mood board will undoubtedly aid your creative process, and help to plan and create a cohesive theme. Here’s why you should create a mood board for your wedding and what should be on it.

Reasons to Create a Wedding Mood Board

1. Wedding Inspiration is Everywhere

Thanks to the internet, wedding inspiration is everywhere. And for wedding planning couples, that is a remarkable thing. But figuring out which ideas truly fit your vision can be overwhelming if you don't know where to draw the line.

You could create a wedding board on Pinterest, and collect lots of images on there. But this could leave you feeling a bit lost and hopeless as to how to get started. Instead, try getting away from Pinterest, and start a wedding mood board that tells your story as a couple. The process will help narrow down all those ideas and decide what really speaks to you, rather than what’s trendy.

2. Give Yourself Direction

A good wedding mood board will direct you to the overall theme and style of your celebration. To create a successful one, choose three or four colours and use them as your starting point. Then, begin narrowing down the details you love and gather them together.

This process will allow you to communicate your vision with your partner, family, and vendors involved in the planning process. When you’re meeting with someone about your wedding, take your board with you, or email it in advance.

why you need a wedding mood board

3. Tell a Story

When it comes to the style and theme of your wedding, the plan will be entirely unique. And, that’s how you want it to be. No one wants a carbon copy wedding!

Your wedding mood board allows you to tell your personal story, and evoke unique memories and emotions that are specific to the two of you. Think about your hobbies, your favourite books and songs, your travels, even your careers. That’s where you want to get your inspiration from.

4. Understand How Your Wedding Will Make People Feel

One of the most amazing things about a wedding mood board is that it evokes emotion. It will help you begin to understand how your celebration will make your loved ones feel. Will the overall theme be soft and romantic, elegant and traditional, or is eccentric and bold more your style? Do you want your guests to feel right at home or like they’re at a lavish soirée?

Setting the overall tone for the day is part of the fun of planning your wedding, and there are no right or wrong answers. Your mood board should reflect the things the two of you love, and then help you translate them into the style and design of your big day.

5. A Creative Outlet During a Stressful Time

Your wedding mood board will offer a healthy, and creative outlet during a time that can be pretty stressful. The wedding planning process can take over your life, so having a creative outlet can bring some joy back into it. Getting some input from your partner, friends, and family can be a lot of fun, too.


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