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7 Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping Tips Brides Need to Know

Here are some essential things we believe will help you find the perfect plus size wedding dress.

Buying a wedding gown is almost a rite of passage. It's something you might have fantasised about as a child. If only finding the perfect dress could be as simple as it was in our childhood fantasies, are we right? However, do you  recall ever seeing a plus-sized bride on screen, or in print? Not in films, advertisements, or television shows. As a result, many brides never had the opportunity to grow up and see someone who looked like them tie the knot. Plus-size women are frequently told that they must lose weight to look their best; however, we're here to tell you that this is not the case.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips gold heels and tulle

Don't let your dress size determine your level of happiness! That's not to say that even the most self-assured curvy bride-to-be can't get the jitters when it comes to bridal shopping. Continue reading for excellent tips and advice from our plus-size bridal experts on wedding dress shopping to make it as easy and stress-free as possible!

Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

1. Look for Bridal Shops That Specialize in Plus Sizes

Shopping for your wedding dress is inherently stressful, regardless of what size you are. But, as a plus-size bride, it can seem even more intense. Help yourself by reaping the benefits of shopping at a plus-size wedding dress shop. Their knowledge and understanding of a plus-sized bride’s needs, desires, and of course, they'll have the best selection of sizes.

Having the ability to shop with someone who specialises in your body type is a huge benefit. Even if there isn't a plus-size wedding dress shop near you, there are plenty of other ways to make your dress shopping experience a memorable one.

2. Be Selective With Your Guests

When going dress shopping, don't feel obligated to bring people who don't have your best interests at heart. Always be  picky about your entourage.  Only bring people who will support your bridal vision. Your bridal appointment will be so much more enjoyable if you aren't surrounded by negative comments about your style or size, even if they are from well-meaning relatives.

Before trying on dresses, talk with your gang and let them know what you're looking for and take a moment to establish your boundaries. Inform them that diet talk is not permitted or that constructive criticism is acceptable, but hurtful comments are not. Unfortunately, some people are unaware that they are using fat-phobic language and behaviours, so alerting them will benefit you as well as them.

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3. Ignore the Numbers

Don't be concerned with your dress size! Keep in mind that bridal sizing may differ from what you find on the high street. People of all sizes (not just plus sizes) frequently require a size or two larger than what they're used to wearing.  Remember, it's all about how the dress looks on your stunning figure! You want a gown that will accommodate all of your curves. The size is irrelevant.

You deserve a gown that will fit you and all your curves, size doesn't matter, literally. 

4. Be Open-minded

When it comes time to shop for your dress, you'll have done a lot of research on the best silhouettes for your body type, which is fantastic—but keep an open mind. Many brides are hesitant to try on different styles for fear of their own body image issues, or prior research.

Remember that recommendations for the most flattering dresses for each body type are just that: recommendations! Try on dress silhouettes you think you'll like, but don't be afraid to try on something out of your comfort zone. Let your bridal stylist make suggestions, and be open to things you might not have thought of.  You might be totally shocked by what you like! 

vintage plus size wedding dress with tulle shopping tips

5. Consider the Details

Do you intend to wear shapewear on your wedding day? Take it with you! Remember that shapewear is not required to look your best on your wedding day. If you do not want to wear [shape-wear], then abandon it!  Brides often look better without their specialist undergarments than with them. However, if you are going with shapewear, or you already have your big day underwear, bring it with you. 

Consider other details you'd like on your wedding day, in addition to what's underneath your gown, and make sure to represent them during fittings. Are you wearing your hair up?  Put it in a ponytail for your consultation. Looking to make a statement with your lips at the wedding? Bring  out your smudge-proof lipstick. It's wonderful how something so simple can change how you feel in a dress. 

6. Seek Out Your Community

The wonderful thing about social media is how it can connect you to various communities in which you are involved. It's possible to join a support system of other plus-size brides at your disposal to seek advice and inspiration from. Representation is crucial, and seeing brides who look like you makes all the difference—especially when you see how stunning they all look in their wedding gowns.

Follow the hashtags #CurvyBrides and #PlusSizeBrides to find plus size wedding dress designers as well as dress inspiration!

7. Remember, Enjoy the Experience

Take a deep breath and remember that this is all about celebrating your love for your future spouse. Make dress shopping and fittings a fun and festive occasion. Get glammed up and enjoy these special occasions. Throughout this process, you deserve to feel beautiful, loved, and celebrated.


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