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The Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist

The Wedding Day Emergency Kit is peace of mind. Don't even consider getting married without one!

It’s finally your big day. You’ve spent months (or maybe years) planning and making sure that all the items on your wedding day checklist are present and correct. From the flowers to the colour of the napkins, to the DJ's playlist and the bridesmaids hair extensions – everything is perfect. But all of a sudden, on the day, disaster strikes! Whether it’s the maid of honour’s dress suddenly ripping, or the bride’s big up-do unravelling fast, little things will go wrong. Which is why every wedding needs a wedding day emergency kit, to allow the bridal party to handle any unexpected issue with ease.

Typically, the maid of honour keeps the wedding emergency kit close at hand and full of supplies that could be useful throughout the day. The best bridal emergency kits have safety pins, plasters and thoughtful items that'll help handle any wedding day drama, one mini-emergency at a time.

What to Pack in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

We can’t guarantee that these wedding day emergency kit items will fix every kind of problem, but they should help tackle the little things, and ensure your big day goes off with less of a hitch.


Don’t let tears ruin your make-up! Side note, wear waterproof mascara etc. You may not normally be a crier, but we're certain you'll shed a few tears on the big day.

Hair Ties and Hairspray

Include any other hair accessories of choice, but, ultimately, the most important ones are hair pins and hair spray. Even short hair can benefit from a quick blitz of firm hair spray. Include a brush or comb too in case you need to fix any stray hairs that have come out of place during celebrations.

Wedding Day Itinerary and Important Phone Numbers

You could just put this all on your phone, but it’s good to have a physical backup in case your mobile dies or gets lost. Pack a printout of your wedding day itinerary and include a list of supplier phone numbers too.

Clear Nail Polish

This is not just for fixing your nails, but also for covering up any nicks in your tights. Glide a line of clear nail polish over any run, and it'll stop it from becoming bigger.

bride wearing engagement ring Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist

Photo by Iamngakan eka from Pexels

Water and Healthy Snacks

At some stage during your wedding day, you will get hungry and food may not be at hand, so make sure you include water and healthy snacks in your wedding day emergency kit checklist.

Pack things like unsalted nuts, fruit, and healthy energy bars, plus a bit of chocolate. All particularly useful items for when blood-sugar drops, and you need a burst of energy.

Deodorant and Perfume

You should be remembered for your bridal beauty and grace, rather than your body odour…


Keep yourself looking fresh by packing items such as lipstick, lip gloss, lip-liner, powder, eyeshadow, a blending brush, bronzer, and tweezers.

A Phone Charger

Between taking selfies, uploading pics to Instagram and changing your Facebook status, your phone is probably going to need a little re-charge. Even if you can’t charge it during the day, you can charge it in your bridal suite when you get to the venue.

Sanitary Products

Ladies, this is pretty self-explanatory! Even if it's not that time of the month for you, the bride, pack plenty of supplies anyway.

Hand Sanitiser

After shaking many sweaty hands, cleaning up after kids and touching walls or trees during your portrait session – you're going to feel a little grimy. Hand sanitiser is a must.

Earring Backs

Anyone who’s ever lost an earring back on a night out will know how frustrating it is, especially when your earrings are an integral part of your look! Pack some spare earring backs for you and your bridesmaids, and ensure you can keep rocking your earrings all day and night.

wedding emergency kit bride playing with brown hair


Forgo coffee or champagne breath and keep some mints and/or chewing gum for you and your bridal party at hand.

A Sewing Kit

A sewing kit usually includes needles and thread of different colours, as well as safety pins. All of these items can be useful for fixing any item of clothing you, or your bridal party, manages to damage on the day.

This kit should also include a pair of mini scissors, which is a must-have in any wedding day emergency kit.


You never know what may come up during the day. Keep some cash and a credit card with you just in case.

Facial Wipes

Wipes are great for so many reasons. Some are antibacterial, which is great if you’ve touched something icky, and some are great for removing smudged make-up.

In some situations, if you act fast enough, wipes can help prevent staining from occurring, and they are great for wiping away spills, such as overflowing champagne in the back of the limo!


No one wants a headache on their wedding day!


Blisters, cuts – who knows!

Stain Remover Pen

These are relatively cheap and can save you a lot of heartache, after all, a smudge of foundation on a white wedding dress is the last thing you need to worry about on your big day.

Hay-fever Tablets

Allergic reactions, itchy eyes, constant sneezing – these are all unnecessary wedding day woes.


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