What You Need in a Wedding Bathroom Basket

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Give your guests a little extra something with a special wedding bathroom basket.

The weddings we remember are the ones that the happy couple thought about the little details. A wedding bathroom basket may be small, but its such a thoughtful touch for your guests and one they'll surely appreciate.

A good wedding basket should be filled with everything your guests might need, want or have forgotten on the big day. From plasters and painkillers to hairspray and breath mints. Its those little touches that can help to give your loved ones that feeling of being looked after and confident all night long.

Wedding bathroom baskets are a real life-saver and a crucial wedding detail that we think shouldn’t be overlooked. Read on for our complete checklist of everything to include in your wedding basket.

The Wedding Basket Top Tips

When putting together the perfect wedding bathroom basket, it’s best to think about everything that could go wrong. Be it an allergic reaction, ripped tights or a surprise visit from Auntie flow... Prepare for the worst and guarantee your guests have the best time. As the wedding organisers, you should make sure you have enough supplies to go round all of your guests, within reason. Make sure to assign someone to keep an eye on the basket/s throughout the night and restock them if needed. You may also want to add a little sign that lets your guests know that items from the wedding basket are complimentary.