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Create Your Own DIY Wedding Hangers

The finishing touch to any wedding morning photo & a lovely task to undertake during lockdown.

You’ve probably fallen in love with those sweet photos you've seen on Pinterest of the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses hung up on pretty personalised hangers. And we don't blame you, they’re a dreamy finishing touch to complete the look of your wedding morning.

There’s so many lovely wedding dress hangers you can buy, but they’re so easy to DIY too! We’ve found lots of different ideas to share with you, and it doesn’t matter how crafty you are, you’ll be able to make any one of these.

Making DIY bridesmaid hangers can actually be a really fun and socially distanced hen party activity, and making your DIY wedding hanger can actually be a special and sentimental gift to yourself after you’ve ordered your wedding dress.

Hanging your up wedding dress, and bridesmaid dresses will help prevent them from getting wrinkled and creased, so it’s an essential thing to do on the wedding day (we’d recommend a good steam too).

Here’s a few of our favourite DIY wedding dress hangers and bridesmaid dress hangers to inspire you.

Pearl Wedding Hanger

Even the most DIY-averse can make this impressive design with just a glue gun and some flat back pearl beads. Buy a pack of mixed size pearl beads, stick down your larger ones first and then fill in the gaps with smaller beads. Top off with a pretty white ribbon.

It really is that simple, yet looks beautiful. We love the ivory beads with an ivory hanger, but you could use pastel pearls that match your bridesmaid dresses for their hangers.

Macramé Wedding Hangers

Macramé is one of our favourite looks for weddings – it’s the perfect Boho, arty touch to your wedding décor. You can also use it on your hangers, by knotting cotton cord around the sturdy metal frame.

YouTube is your best friend here for macrame knot tutorials, with loads of different styles to try. Practising is incredibly soothing and relaxing, so putting in the time to perfect your hanger will also help reduce some of your lockdown wedding planning stress.

Wire Wedding Hangers

This one will take a little more skill, but you can find templates for writing names in wire online that you can copy quite easily. You can use a standard versatile wire (about 20-22 gauge) that you can bend with your hands placed on top of the word you want to write, and then you’ll need a pair of jewellery pliers to pinch together the part where it overlaps. This is a really easy to follow YouTube tutorial. Bride, groom, Mr or Mrs are easy words to get the hang of!

Padded Wedding Hanger

Padded hangers provide wonderful protection for delicate straps and material. They often come in ivory silk and aren’t the prettiest things to look at, however, you can make your own or cover one up quite easily. It’ll still have the same level of protection if you use a soft fabric like velvet or lace, and look much nicer in photos!

Painted Wedding Hangers

A super simple but really elegant way to transform your wedding day hanger, is to paint it. We adore this combination of blush pink and grey. You’ll want to keep your wedding outfits hung up on them long past the big day.

Bridesmaid Hanger Tags

Personalised tags for your bridesmaid dress hangers can be bought cheaply on Etsy, but it’s such a lovely touch to make them yourself. You’ll just need some blank tags, and you can have a go at writing your bridesmaids’ names in calligraphy. Tie with a beautiful bow or ribbon around a rose gold hanger.

Sequin Bridesmaid Hangers

For a glitzy, glam wedding, a sequin trim hanger is an amazing choice! This is better to use on bridesmaid dresses, as the sequins can catch on the fabric of a wedding dress. Bridesmaid dresses tend to be a bit more robust. You need to glue gun sequin trim to the end of your hanger and then twist the ribbon all around, adding regular dots of hot gun to the wood to keep it all in place. Tie a cute velvet ribbon around the neck.

Bow Bridesmaid Hangers

Think your DIY skills can’t get up to this level? For a really simple ways to jazz up a hanger, write initials in pretty script and add a cute little bow. There’s almost no room to go wrong! It’s simple but effective: a pretty bow tied to the top of your hangers just adds a little something to the look. Add them in a matching colour to the dresses or your wedding theme, and they’ll look beautiful in your wedding morning photos.


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