Create Your Own DIY Wedding Hangers

The finishing touch to any wedding morning photo & a lovely task to undertake during lockdown.

You’ve probably fallen in love with those sweet photos you've seen on Pinterest of the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses hung up on pretty personalised hangers. And we don't blame you, they’re a dreamy finishing touch to complete the look of your wedding morning.

There’s so many lovely wedding dress hangers you can buy, but they’re so easy to DIY too! We’ve found lots of different ideas to share with you, and it doesn’t matter how crafty you are, you’ll be able to make any one of these.

Making DIY bridesmaid hangers can actually be a really fun and socially distanced hen party activity, and making your DIY wedding hanger can actually be a special and sentimental gift to yourself after you’ve ordered your wedding dress.

Hanging your up wedding dress, and bridesmaid dresses will help prevent them from getting wrinkled and creased, so it’s an essential thing to do on the wedding day (we’d recommend a good steam too).

Here’s a few of our favourite DIY wedding dress hangers and bridesmaid dress hangers to inspire you.