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7 Ways to Save Money for your 2021 Wedding

Some easy shifts and tweaks you can make that will have a big impact on your overall big day budget.

Between all the new engagements and all the celebrations postponed from 2020, weddings are back in full swing for summer 2021 (and beyond). While this is amazing news for happy couples everywhere, this can suddenly cause panic for those who dipped into their budget during lockdown... But have no fear, today we're sharing our favourite ways to save money on your 2021 wedding.

This year, it was reported that the average cost that couples now spend on a wedding in the UK is £16,005, up from an average cost of £15,171 in 2019. With this said, its no secret that weddings are expensive, so finding some effective cost cutting ways that benefit your budget is something that every couple should bear in mind.

So, for those planning their wedding post-lockdown, we have some money-saving tips and tricks to help you reduce spending on everything from invites, to table décor, to drinks. Those little things that will have a major impact on your big day budget.

Ways to Save Money on your 2021 Wedding

Consider Other Days of the Week

A Friday or mid-week wedding will save you thousands on your wedding venue and your in the week rehearsal dinner. Even better: A Sunday wedding. Wedding venue fees, plus food and beverage minimums are lower, which is great for smaller parties.

A Piece of Cake

A wedding cake is such a central part of your big day, but a fabulous wedding confection can take a big bite out of your finances. So what can you do if you want an impressive-looking cake on a fairly standard budget? One idea is to have a tiered cake – but only have one or two tiers that are actual cake. Instead ask your baker to replace the third (or fourth and fifth) tier with a polystyrene cake shape and ice that as well as the real cakes. (Your baker won’t think you’re mad by the way, it’s not an unusual request for those in the know). Your guests will be none the wiser and you’ll have an amazing tiered cake to show off that looks like it cost a lot more than it actually did. Just make sure you remember which is the fake tier when you’re cutting the cake for the camera (and make sure your groom is in on the secret too)!

Direct Your Guests to Your Wedding Website

When it comes to your wedding invitation set, you can save, possibly hundreds by having a single insert directing guests to your wedding website, instead of multiple cards detailing all the festivities. Share all details on the rehearsal dinner and wedding day schedule, as well as logistics, like transportation and details about accommodation for your guests.

Create Your Own Place Cards

Not only do place cards inform guests about where they will be sat for the reception, they also add an extra edition to your table décor too, so it’s important that these blend in well with your theme. Whether you’ve chosen to host your wedding on a tropical beach somewhere, or a picturesque wedding venue in the Bedfordshire, you know better than anyone what décor will best suit your desired style.

DIY’ing your cards, not only will save money, but you also have full flexibility to add your own personalised twist to them too. Although place cards seem only a minor contribution to your big day, depending on if you buy or DIY them, you could save greatly on the extra costs that keep on adding up.

Put Together Your Own Wreaths

Adding wreaths to your centrepieces can be the extra edition needed to bring the whole display together. Therefore, learning some DIY techniques to cut costs on these décor staples is definitely worth your while. There are an abundance of videos online that can demonstrate exactly how to DIY your wedding table wreaths, but there are also some gorgeous self-made alternatives you might want to consider too.

Snag a Sample Bridal Gown

Buying your dress off the rack at a bridal sample sale means you can make a major saving. Don't be afraid to ask if the boutique you're visiting has any samples they're looking to sell. Chances are, some gowns have already been set aside for the next one! Be sure to check out our beautiful range of pristine sale gowns when you visit us, and you can also browse some of the styles before you visit via this link.


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