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Trending Bridal Styles for Curvy Brides

Stay ahead of the bridal trends with our curvy bride report

We are now so pleased to be seeing a shift in attitude within the wedding dress world in terms of exclusivity for all body types. Something at Confetti & Curves, we have to celebrate. We are all about inclusivity, and body positivity, regardless of dress size. And thankfully, lots of bridal designers are now coming around to our way of thinking. Which has led to countless new gowns being designed exclusively for plus-brides. These trending styles for curvy brides celebrate curves and focus on what makes a bride feel beautiful on the big day.

The significant trends we've seen lately in curvy wedding dresses combine traditional and modern aesthetics. Drop waist silhouettes, which elongate the body and draw attention to the waist, are strongly returning and offering a flattering fit. While sculptured ball gowns combine classic elegance with contemporary design to produce dresses that are just so cutting edge. Lace necklines are also becoming more and more well-liked because of their capacity to elevate the bridal style with a dash of drama and refinement.

We've seen experimentation with texture and colour too, in styles that provide distinctive and striking options for curvy brides. 3D floral decorations and bright pops of colour are prevalent on some of our favourite styles right now.

The Trending Bridal Styles for Curvy Brides

Discover this season's styles in curvy bridal with our figure-flattering wedding dress trend report.

Sculptural Ball Gowns

Traditional ball gowns are being updated with modern, sculptural elements for curvy brides. Designers such as White Rose Graceful are leading this trend, offering gowns that combine classic with contemporary aesthetics.

WP620 from White Rose Graceful curvy bridal trends

Lace Embellished Necklines

Dramatic lace necklines are popular in curvy bridal right now, as they provide an elegant way to highlight the décolletage. We adore this illusion lace style from White Studio London.

WSP025 from White Studio London plus size wedding dresses

Tailored Construction

Precision tailoring has been key in plus size bridal, and this season is no exception. We're seeing numerous designers focus on well-constructed gowns that fit perfectly and accentuate the wearer's figure. This trend includes both traditional dresses and modern styles.

WSP001 from White Studio London curvy bridal trends

A Pop of Colour

We have always loved a little colour in bridal, and it's been so nice to see all the gorgeous gowns coming through this season with splashes of brightness. This style from White Rose Graceful is certainly our favourite in-store. That bold rose print under the tulle offers such a sophisticated finish and is ideal for a Spring, or Summer wedding.

WP719 from White Rose Graceful wedding dresses with colour


A good off-the-shoulder emphasizes the neckline and shoulders, creating a flattering frame for the face and décolletage. For plus-size brides, off-the-shoulder straps can be both supportive and chic - the dream combo!

BB24954 from Special Day Bridal off the shoulder wedding dress for plus size


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