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Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

A few pointers that should help you find 'the one'

Whether you've been dreaming of the perfect wedding dress since you were little and know exactly how you want it to look, down to the last sequin. Or you've never even considered it until this point — we've got you covered with our plus size wedding dress shopping tips!

Tips for Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Shopping tips that should help you find the plus size wedding dress of your dreams. A gown you'll love today, on the big day, and in many years from now!

Leave your comfort zone

You may be married to the idea (pun intended) of wearing a ballgown. But if we recommend an A-line instead, trust that we know you will look gorgeous in that kind of silhouette, and that you should give it a go!

Keep an open mind at all times and heed the advice of your stylist. Worst-case scenario, you’re just not feeling it. Best-case scenario, you find the dress of your dreams!

We've had so many brides walkway with a dress they never would have dreamed of wearing. And it's all because an unbiased stylist has suggested it to them. Without them, they would have stuck with a silhouette they're familiar with, but that's not necessarily the most flattering.

Learn your lines

There are a few tried and tested styles/shapes that’ll help you begin your journey if you’re not sure where to start: The A-line. A fitted bodice that helps mask any perceived imperfections up top, while cinching the waist. A slim A-line skirt effectively masks the hips and thighs without adding too much volume, thanks to its slender cut. And it’s not just for curvy girls – brides of all shapes and sizes adore this cut, as it’s flattering on literally anyone! 

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, we have many more lines and silhouettes to share with you during your appointment!

Tips for Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Don't wait on the weight

We’re all for shedding for the wedding – or really, anything that motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle and feel your best. But don’t wait until you’ve lost the pounds to find your wedding style.

Wedding dress production can take anywhere from three to six months. Which means, if you wait too long, you may end up choosing a dress simply because of its turnaround time. Not ideal.

Bridal gowns can always be taken in, so worry about finding your perfect style first and then fix the fit later if needed.

Weddings are a marathon and not a sprint

If you can't move in your wedding dress, or it's uncomfortable, you're not going to be the happiest of brides.... Comfort is key, and your dress needs to feel right not just for 5 minutes, but for the length of your big day.

Be open and honest with your stylist, and alteration expert during fittings. If your dress doesn't feel right, share. Even if you think it'll cause delays, or change the shape of the dress. You'd be amazed at what a talented seamstress can do. But only if you share honestly how it feels.

Tips for Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Foundation is key

You've found the perfect wedding dress, and it fits like a dream, but your underwear has to too!

A wedding is a very special day and one that warrants a visit to a professional lingerie store to be measured. Wearing the correct bra size will not only make you look better, but it'll also greatly increase the support you feel. Quite an important factor if you have a fuller bust.

Now you are in the right mindset, book your appointment with Confetti & Curves. We have a huge collection of plus size wedding dresses for you to try on, and we'll ensure you feel completely relaxed and at ease during your appointment - even during these difficult times!


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