Plus Size Bridal Underwear – 5 Things to Consider

Updated: Sep 29

You’ve found the perfect wedding dress, and it’s amazing! Now its time to find some bridal underwear to go beneath it, a fun, yet sometimes challenging job!

Wedding lingerie is the real unsung heroine of a brides big day. But, finding the perfect bridal underwear can be a slightly harder task if you are a plus-size bride, as there is less choice on the market. Plus, you may have more things to consider in-order to look your curvy best on the big day!

Plus Size Bridal Underwear – 5 Things to Consider

A few things to think about before you start the search for plus size bridal underwear, in no particular order;

Size Matters!

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter.

Your bridal lingerie is the foundation that your gown is going to be built upon, so get measured and make sure you’ve got your most recent measurements (or get remeasured, preferably). It’s amazing how many women buy the wrong bra size time and time again.

Flattery Gets You Everywhere!

Take a moment to think about your natural body shape, and consider what best describes you; diamond, figure eight, triangle, hourglass, apple to pear etc.

These descriptions will help you choose the plus size bridal underwear that accentuates your natural figure. For example women with a rectangle shape might look for a boned corset, as this will add some shape to lines, while also emphasising the bust. A pear shaped figure might benefit from a long line corset, helping smooth the silhouette from the hips to the waist.

Good Foundations Need Good Support

Brides with bigger busts will know just what we mean when we say, good foundations need good support!

Your wedding is a long day, sitting, standing, dancing and being big up top, you need ample support. Think about the underwire in your wedding lingerie, be it a plus size strapless bra or a full figure corset, your bridal underwear needs to move with the natural motion of your body, and not create chaffing after a few hours. Support is even more important if you need strapless wedding underwear for beneath your dress.

Comfort is key

There is no room for movement here ladies! Don’t settle for anything less than full on comfort.

You don’t want the memories of your wedding day to be of pulling and tugging at underwires, boning and suspender belts.

It’s really easy to fall in love with a wedding corset, or a bustier because it looks gorgeous and romantic, but if it isn't comfortable, keep looking, your perfect wedding lingerie is out there.

Think about the lines!

We tell all of our future brides that your bridal underwear needs to work in complete harmony with both you & your dress so think about your dress line & your underwear outline, as well as the under-wiring and boning.

Your wedding lingerie needs to remain out of view for the entire wedding day (well at least until the wedding night!), so make sure it sits nicely beneath the gown. As far as boning goes, plus size wedding corsets are quite popular but be careful not to pick something with too much boning in as it easily becomes restrictive & uncomfortable.

Don’t Forget the Wedding Night!

You can have some good fun with your lingerie for the wedding night especially for plus size brides.

You can find some really nice plus size babydolls, underwired with defined cups for comfort & support and the flared skirts on babydolls tend to draw the attention to the bust.

It’s really nice to sit down at the end of an enjoyable day of celebration and relax with your newlywed and kick back and reflect over your best bits.

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