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6 Rules For Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping

The vital things every plus-size bride needs to know before she goes shopping!

We hear the same story so often. Bride goes into a wedding dress shop to browse gowns, only to realise they don't have any samples in their size. But that they can order up to a size 30 from some of the brands they stock, but nothing can be tried on. This is so common, and for some it can be heartbreaking, embarrassing and, in fact, put off many plus-size brides from ordering a wedding dress altogether. Until they visit a store that caters specifically for curvy brides, like us!

6 Rules For Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping real bride

We’ve had many brides at Confetti & Curves who have said that if they don’t get a dress from us today, they're cancelling the wedding. That's the kind of pressure some brides feel they're under. Leaving it right to the last minute because the hurdle of finding a wedding dress has been so traumatic.

This is all obviously very upsetting, and not what a curvy bride (or any bride) should expect from their wedding dress shopping experience.

To help our curvy brides, we thought we'd lend a helping hand, and share our five rules for plus-size wedding dress shopping. Tips that should help create that dream bridal experience you were anticipating.

Rules for Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping

1. Find Shops that Have Samples You Can Actually Try on Dresses

Research plus size wedding dress collections, select some styles you like, and find your local stockist. Book an appointment with them and ask what they’ve got in your size as a sample.

You have to do your homework when it comes to samples. You may find it's worth travelling three hours to a shop that has 20 plus-size wedding dresses you can try on, instead of half an hour to a shop that only has one. Trying on bridal gowns is an integral part of the shopping experience, and can tell you so much more about a dress than a picture online ever could.

2. Be Realistic About Your Size

Avoid buying a dress that's dramatically smaller than you are now. We often get brides visiting us who say that they like a certain dress, but they're going to lose 10 stone before they get married. And therefore want to order a couple of sizes down. Unfortunately, however, they don't always lose the weight they planned…

It's fair to want to lose some weight before your wedding, but don't set yourself up for a fall by setting the target too high. You don't need that extra pressure on yourself. Choose a plus-size wedding dress you love, and order it in the size you are on the day, or a realistic smaller size. Take it from us, it's a hell of a lot easier to take a dress in if you lose more than expected, not so easy to add fabric!

plus size wedding dress

3. Always Think About Your Budget

Create a budget and stick to it! Find plus-size wedding dresses at a price point you like, and then find a stockist. It’s so easy to just go into a shop, get carried away, and before you know it you’ve blown your budget on a dress that's way more than you can afford.

Request, or find out all the costs upfront. If you’re ordering a plus-size wedding dress, do you have to pay on the day? Is it just a deposit? Payment plan? If you’re buying an off-the-rail dress, can you take it away that day, and do you have to pay for it in one go? Does the shop offer alterations? How much are alterations?

The more research you do, the better. And most of this research can be done at home on your laptop at 3 o’clock in the morning if necessary!

4. Take a Trusted Friend/Family Member

Take someone with you when shopping for bridal, whose opinion you trust. We don’t get many bridezillas in our store, thankfully, but we get mumzillas and friendzillas! The kind of mates you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of, and who seem to be present purely for altruistic reasons.

When planning your trips to plus-size wedding dress shops, take guests you know will give constructive criticism, and positivity encouragement. Good vibes only! Oh, and don't bring more than two guests. Any more than that, and even the nicest people can start to cloud your judgement.

mum guests Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping

5. Be Wary of Ordering Online

In a bid to save money, countless plus-size brides turn to the internet to order their wedding dress. Hoping to save a few quid, and avoid the expected, unwanted experience of going to non-curvy bridal shops, and not being able to find anything in their size.

We often find that, unfortunately, for curvy brides the anonymity of buying online is a major part of the appeal. Protecting oneself from humiliation faced before, and avoiding the prospect of it happening again. It's one of the many reasons why brides go online and buy their plus size wedding dress from China. You sit at home on the computer, enter your measurements online, and hope a beautiful dress arrives some weeks later. However, most of the time, brides are left disappointed.

Avoid shopping for bridal online. We understand that a wedding dress is expensive, but buying online is not the answer. Invest in the experience, shop with someone who cares about you, and find a dress that feels like it was designed just for you.

Become a Confetti and Curves bride, and find your dream plus-size wedding dress with us! Book your appointment here, and browse our collections here.


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