6 Rules For Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping

The vital things every plus-size bride needs to know before she goes shopping!

We hear the same story so often, bride goes into a shop not realising they won't have their size and hearing that they don’t have anything for them. Or that they can order up to a size 30, but there’s no samples that can be tried on. This can be heartbreaking, embarrassing and can in fact put off many curvy brides from ordering a wedding dress altogether.

We’ve had brides come in to Confetti & Curves and say that if they don’t get a dress from us today, they're cancelling the wedding. Sometimes the bride has left it right to the last minute because the hurdle of finding a wedding dress has been so traumatic that she cannot face it.

This is all obviously very upsetting, and not what a curvy bride (or any bride) should expect from their wedding Dres shopping experience. So today we thought we'd lend a helping hand, and share our six rules for plus-size wedding dress shopping. Along with a promise that you can have a wonderful shopping experience, if you stick to them!

Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping

1. Find Shops Where You Can Actually Try on Dresses

We would say research, research, research and then research some more. Research your plus size collections, choose the ones you actually like, find your local stockists, phone up and ask what they’ve got in your size for you to try on.

You have to do your homework because it might be worth travelling three hours to a shop where you can try on 20 plus-size wedding dresses, as opposed to half an hour to a shop where you can try on one dress, and you have to repeat that process every weekend for the next few months.

2. Be Realistic About Your Size

Avoid buying a dress to slim into. We often get brides visiting us who say that they like a certain dress, but they're going to lose 10 stone before they get married.

In an ideal world, we’d all love to take a pill and that would happen, but you’re setting yourself up for a little bit of failure. Some brides do lose the weight, but nine times out of 10 these ladies don’t lose it, instead put extra pressure on themselves. Choose the dress you like in the size you are on the day you buy it. Or aim for a realistic weight loss.

3. Always Think About Your Budget

Make a budget and stick to it! Find wedding dresses at a price point you like and then find a stockist. It’s so easy to go in to a shop and get carried away, and before you know it you’ve blown your budget, and you’ve got the pressure of that as well.

Find out all the costs upfront. If you’re ordering a plus-size wedding dress, do you have to pay on the day? If you’re buying an off-the-rail dress, can you take it away that day and do you have to pay the lot in one go? The more research you do, the better. And most of this research can be done at home on your laptop at 3 o’clock in the morning if necessary!

4. Take a Trusted Friend/Family Member

Take someone with you whose opinion you absolutely trust. We don’t get many bridezillas thankfully, but we get mumzillas and friendzillas. Sometimes we think if this is how they treat their friends, we’d hate to be their enemy! Only choose someone you know will give constructive criticism and/or positivity.

5. Use Plus-Size Models as Inspiration

When looking at plus-size wedding dress collections online, don’t look at Pinterest boards of models that are a size 6 and 8! Look at plus-size models in plus-size dresses.

6. Be Wary of Ordering Online

Lots of plus-size brides turn to the internet to order their wedding dress so to avoid the “humiliating” experience of going to regular bridal shops and not being able to find anything in their size, or even have that size available to order.

For us, we don’t find it's the money that draws people to buy online, it’s the anonymity. Protecting yourself from that humiliation that you’ve faced once, and you’re not prepared to face again. And you can see why brides go online and buy their wedding dress from China. You sit at home, you put your measurements into the computer, and you hope a beautiful dress is going to arrive. However, most of the time brides are a very disappointed.

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