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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect 3 Tier Wedding Cake

We share how to select the showstopping wedding cake of your dreams.

The centrepiece of almost any reception is the wedding cake, and opting for a classic 3 tier design is a sure-fire way to add elegance and grandeur to your celebration.

choose 3 tier wedding cake

Choosing the perfect cake involves considering various factors, from flavour and design to size and budget. In our quick guide, we'll walk you through some essential steps that'll help ensure you select a 3 tier wedding cake that looks stunning and delights your taste buds.

How to Choose the Perfect 3 Tier Wedding Cake

Ensure you have the perfect tired dessert for your big day.

What's Your Flavour?

The first step in selecting your dream 3 tier wedding cake is deciding on the flavours. Consider your personal preferences as well as any dietary restrictions or allergies your guests may have.

You could opt for classic flavours like vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet. But there are also many other tastes to explore. Perhaps a lemon and raspberry combination, or salted caramel. Most bakeries will offer tasting sessions, which are ideal for sampling different flavours before making your decision.

The Design and Decor of Your 3 Tier Wedding Cake

Once you've chosen the flavours, it's time to think about the design of your 3 tier wedding cake. Browse through inspiration photos to get an idea of the styles you like, whether it's classic, modern, rustic, or whimsical.

Beyond the overall look, think too about elements such as frosting type, decoration techniques, and embellishments like flowers, ribbons, or edible detailing. If you're unsure or stuck for ideas, an experienced baker will help you bring your creation to life.

3 tier wedding cake guide

Size and Servings

Another crucial aspect in selecting the best 3 tier wedding cake is the number of servings you'll need. The size of each tier will depend on the number of guests you're expecting and serving preferences.

Your baker will happily help you determine the appropriate size tiers to ensure there's enough cake to go around while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your chosen design.


As with any aspect of wedding planning, it's essential to consider budget when deciding on your dream 3 tier wedding cake. Prices can vary depending on key factors such as flavour, complexity of design, location, and bakery reputation.

Discuss your budget openly with any potential wedding cake maker upfront to ensure they can create something that meets your expectations, without busting the budget. Keep in mind that intricate designs and luxurious ingredients will likely come at an additional cost.


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