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The Benefits of Mid-week Wedding You Probably Don’t Know

About 99% of engaged couples want to get married on a Friday or a Saturday. However, post-pandemic, and with busy venues, that's not always possible.

Many couples have their sights set on a weekend wedding. It’s the most popular and traditional time of the week to tie the knot and it’s also the most expensive. So why not, instead of locking yourself into a Friday/Saturday wedding date, open yourself up to the world of possibilities that the midweek wedding can bring.

Before you crinkle your nose at the idea of a mid-week wedding, we have a few perks you may not have thought of that could sway you!

Five Reasons to Choose a Mid-week Wedding

1. You Can Reduce Your Wedding Budget

This is the biggest reason why couples consider having their wedding during the week. Wedding venues typically have different prices for weekend, and mid-week events. Reason being that the demand for wedding venues is much less for weekdays. So if you have a dream venue in mind, but cannot afford a weekend date, consider having a midweek wedding. That way it won’t just be a budget-friendly wedding, it'll also be unique and special.

2. Your Wedding Guests Can Save Too

If you are inviting guests from out of town, they will need to find accommodation. Hotels usually have lower rates for weekdays when compared to the weekend, as rates increase at that time. Traveling to your wedding may also be cheaper as they can book mid-week transport, which is also usually more affordable then. If you will be providing accommodation for your out of town guests, take advantage of this and save yourself a pretty penny.

3. Wedding Suppliers Will Be More Available

The wedding business is very competitive and top suppliers come sometimes be booked a year in advance. If you do not want to wait a long time for them to become available, consider having a midweek wedding! There's also a high chance that if you have a weekday wedding, your suppliers will only be catering to you alone on that day, and so you'll receive their whole, undivided attention.

4. More Money For the Details

Spending less on your venue means you have more room to plan an extra special day. The money saved can give you the opportunity to add a spectacular firework show for the finale of your wedding day, or perhaps you could consider hiring a horse and carriage to chauffeur you around like royalty! Or you could splash out on an extra special honeymoon!

5. Extend the celebration

Hosting a mid-week wedding will mean that many of your guests will have an excuse to take a few days off, and beat the mid week blues. Which gives you the opportunity to extend the festivities into the weekend. You will most likely not get a chance to connect with all of your guests on your big day, so by turning the wedding into an extended weekend party you'll give your loved ones more time to catch up and socialise.


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