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Classy Hen Party Ideas for 2024/25

Forget the rudely shaped straws and shots 'till dawn, you'll find none of that here on our classy hen do.

The humble hen party has come a long way since hot pink bride-to-be sashes, polyester veils on plastic tiaras and a night with The Dreamboys… Modern brides these days want a stylish, personalised, cool and, above all, classy hen party – that is different (and better) from anyone else's! And not a penis straw in sight…

classy hen party ideas

We have heard and seen many things on/about hen parties over the years, and so we thought we would share our favourite classy hen party ideas to inspire you and your best girls! Which one will you choose?


Desperate for a night on the tiles with your girls? It's a classic hen party tradition, and can definitely be classy, as long as you select the right venue.

Plan a night out in London and decide on somewhere that immediately sets the tone. Fun yet chic. Because if you pick a noisy, cheap bar in the west-end, then chances are you will all be doing things by the end of the night you didn't plan on doing! Furthermore, not all of your group may want that kind of night, so by picking something more laid back (or classy) in advance, you will be more inclusive.

Top of the budget we would suggest Sketch, a once in a lifetime restaurant, bar, disco all uniquely designed and completely original. More reasonable would be The Blues Kitchen, always fun with good music and plenty of room to throw some classy shapes – plus the food is tip-top, especially after a couple of mojitos!

sketch london classy hen party ideas


These days, it is just as cheap to spend a long weekend in the sun, as it is to go out to central London for a couple of nights. So, why not take advantage of that, and enjoy some R+R before your big day, with some partying in-between. A few days in Ibiza? Long weekend in Rhodes? Rooftop partying in Lisbon?

Just be sure to keep it within budget and make sure everyone is up for it (and can do it). There's nothing worse than a bride (or groom) springing a hen party abroad on you, and you have no idea if you can get time off work, find childcare, travel with a criminal record… etc!

Hopefully, everyone will be happy with a trip abroad, and if so, we'd recommend Barcelona! Great bars, lovely food and miles of beaches for you to relax on during the day. It may tried and tested destination for a hen party. And you may run into other hens while you're there, but if you stay clear of the obvious party hangouts, you'll love it.

barcelona classy hen party ideas


The only way to do a DIY hen party in style in 2024 or 2015 is with flowers. The lovely people at The Flower Appreciation Society are our go-to when it comes to flowers, and they put on regular fun workshops. Try their hand-tie bouquet making or floral headpiece making classes and you may even decide to forgo the florist altogether on your big day!

We love the idea of learning some new life skills with friends. And it'll help you work up an appetite for that boozy bunch afterwards. Plus, unlike most hen-do's you get to walk away from this one with more than just an incoming hangover.

classy hen party ideas


If the bride loves yoga and wellness, she will love a hen party that includes a relaxing session, a goodie bag full of healthy treats, and a wonderful brunch spread. There's also countless places you can do bottomless brunches, if you want to get boozy too!

Try to find a cool, classy yoga place with a brunch venue within a short walk. That way you can quickly satisfy your hunger cravings after all that stretching!


Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa would be our go-to place when we want to escape the hustle and bustle of working life and rest our tired eyes. Set in a 500 acre private estate, just six miles from Bath, you’ll have to drag the hens away to enjoy the rest of the beautiful city in the evening. Spa days are from £150 per person, but you do get gorgeous calm surroundings, welcome coffee, pastries, a damn good lunch, use of all the spa facilities and, of course, your treatment.

If you'd like somewhere more local, in Bedfordshire, The Bedford Swan offers a range of hen party options, including a bottomless brunch.

spa day classy hen party

There are just a few ideas, but more than enough to get your WhatsApp group chatting, and coming up with the most epic (yet classy) hen party for your bride!


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