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Hen do Games to Play Over Dinner

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Classy, yet still fun games you can play during dinner that will break the ice, and bring on the giggles.

A hen party simply isn't complete without some games, even during the more formal setting of dinner. But there's no reason you should have the standard ones everyone has played before! Why not mix it up with these new hen party ideas!

And no, we weren't suggesting 'pin the penis' (not that there's anything wrong with that!) Instead, we were thinking of trying to create opportunities to share ridiculous anecdotes about the bride, or games that will encourage the whole hen party to get to know each other a little better during dinner. Whether that's 'True or False', 'Hen Party Head's Up' or prosecco pong!

There are so many wonderful ways you can have a hen weekend to remember. And these hen do dinner games will certainly help you all get in the mood!

Hen Do Dinner Party Games

Hen Party Dares

If you’re going out after dinner, add extra fun to the evening and a competitive edge with some hen do party dares. Hitched have rounded up the best hen party dares they can think of to help inspire your semi-evil plans, while also creating personalised dares like the pink one below, available from the Hitched Shop.

truth or dare hen do party games over dinner

Prosecco Pong

We've all heard of beer pong, but why not raise the elegance levels slightly, and try Prosecco Pong? You can either buy dedicated party kits, which will involve various plastic coupe glasses or themed shot glasses, or you could just use any available cups.

Split into teams at either end of a table, and organise eight Prosecco filled glasses in a triangle position. Take it in turns to try to throw a ping pong ball into the other team's glass – if it goes in, they have to drink. Keep playing until one team erases all the other team's glasses. Of all the hen do dinner party games listed here, this one is best if you've rented an Airbnb or staying at someone's house. Please don't break out the Prosecco Pong set in the middle of Pizza Express!

Who Am I?

Each member of the bridal party writes down five facts about themselves. Random stuff like, 'I have a freckle on the bottom of my foot' or 'We once got trapped in a Portaloo at V festival together'), and these are then puts in a pot. The bride must go through each one and establish who it's about, meaning the bridal party can make this as hard or as easy as they like. How well does the bride really knows her hen party gang?

Never Have I Ever

This classic drinking game was practically designed for hen do dinner parties, and it’s still a great way to find out some more risqué things about the other hens. Naughty hen do games always go down a treat in our experience! (Just remember, you still want friends left by the end of it, so don’t out ALL your bestie’s biggest secrets!).

The After Eight Challenge

That's right, after eights aren't just for Christmas dinner, they're for hen do dinner party games too! Each member of the bridal party has to put an After Eight chocolate mint on their forehead, and attempt to get it into their mouths using only their facial movements. That's right, no hands! The winner is the person who does it the quickest, and also the least messy!

Glass Icebreaker

No better way to kick off your cultured hen do, than with a civilized ice-breaker game over dinner. Collect all the wine glasses and stick a one-word topic of conversation to the bottom of each glass before the guests arrive. Then, as soon as someone finishes their drink, they must start a conversation using the word on the bottom of the glass with the hen to their left. This is a great game for keeping everyone chatting, and initiating convo with hens who maybe don't know each other yet.

Garter Hot Potato

This game of stealth and patience can entertain throughout the entire hen do dinner party if you want. At the start of the hen party, let all the guests know that you’ll be handing one of them a garter and that the aim of the game is to pass it to another hen without them noticing. They can slip it in their pocket, pop it under their bag or even tuck it into the back of their dress, if they so dare. The trick is to know you have it and to get rid of it undetected. By the end of the night, whoever has the garter loses — and perhaps has to pick a dare card to do.

hen do party games over dinner cocktail

Cocktail Challenge

We know this is a respectable hen do dinner party, but there’s always room for some classy cocktail games. Before the party, write the names of various spirits, fruits, and mixers on separate bits of paper and put them in different bowls or pots. Assuming that you have all these goods at your disposal, or you're at a well-equipped bar/restaurant, split your hens into teams and get each one to pick from the fruit, spirit, and mixer bowls. The game is to create a tasty cocktail using only the ingredients you’ve chosen, and obviously the bride gets to sample and score each creation. Be careful with those measures though girls and boys!

'Don't Say…'

If you want a fun hen do game that'll keep everyone on their toes, and can go on alongside other dinner games, then 'Don’t Say (insert your banned word here!)' is the perfect choice for you and your guests. This game is fun, simple (until you’ve had a few drinks) and doesn't cost a penny! All you need to do is think of a word that you know will be difficult to resist saying such as “wedding”, “bride”, “hen party” etc. and assign a forfeit for any time someone lets that word slip! If you’ve ever played a similar game, you’ll know how hard this is. Part of the fun is actually staying on high alert to make sure no hen gets away with slipping up!


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