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The Benefits of Mid-week Wedding You Probably Don’t Know

Tuesday weddings are the new Saturday Celebrations

The majority of marrying couples set their sights on a weekend wedding, and it's not hard to understand why. It is the most traditional time of the week to tie the knot, but it’s also the most expensive. So why not, instead of locking yourself into a Friday/Saturday wedding date, open yourself up to the world of possibilities a midweek wedding can bring.

According to Hitched and the BBC, midweek/weekday weddings are very much on the rise, with Monday the 23rd of September predicted to be the most popular wedding date this year. A predication that would have shocked a few years ago, but now seems a little more understandable considering how we're all tightening our belts.

Bridebook, the wedding planning app, also claims that in 2023, for the first time, less than half of weddings took place on a Saturday. Something we had certainly not expected to be the case.

Could you consider marrying on a Wednesday? How would your wedding guests feel about a midweek wedding? Would it change your plans?

mid week wedding benefits

Five Reasons to Choose a Mid-week Wedding

Before you crinkle your nose, and dismiss the idea of a Tuesday wedding entirely, we'd like to share a few perks you may not have considered!

1. Reduce Your Wedding Budget

This is the biggest reason why couples consider having their wedding during the week. Wedding venues typically offer different prices for weekend, and mid-week events. The reason being that the demand for wedding venues is (or was) much less during the week.

If you have a dream wedding venue in mind, but can't afford a weekend date, maybe consider checking what their midweek price is? You could end up getting the ideal venue at a fraction of the price!

2. Your Wedding Guests Can Save Too

If you are inviting guests from out of town, they will need to find accommodation and potentially pay for travel. Hotels usually offer lower rates during the week compared to the weekend. As do flight operators and even train companies.

If you are providing accommodation for your out-of-town guests, take advantage of this and save yourself a pretty penny.

3. More Wedding Suppliers Available

The wedding business is very competitive and top suppliers are often booked a year, if not more, in advance. If you'd rather not wait for a certain photographer or wedding venue to become available, consider checking their midweek diary!

outdoor wedding ceremony pergola

4. More Money for Luxuries

Spending less on your wedding venue means more budget to throw an extra special day! You could splurge on a spectacular firework show during the finale of your wedding day, or perhaps you could consider hiring a horse and carriage to chauffeur you around like royalty! Or, you could splash out on that dream honeymoon you've both been planning since year dot!

5. Extend the Celebration

Mid-week weddings demand time off from work, which guests could see as an excuse to have a little holiday. Encourage them to beat the mid-week blues and spread your celebrations out over a couple of days.

Couple's rarely get the chance to connect with all their guests on the big day. But by turning the wedding into an extended celebration, you'll give loved ones more time to catch up and socialise.


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