How to Choose Between the Wonderful Wedding Venues in Bedfordshire

From stately homes to historic inns, boutique hotels, and even a zoo! You’ll have your pick of wedding venues in Bedfordshire to exchange your vows in. But how do you choose which one?

There are so many aspects of a wedding that need to be considered. From what to wear, to what kind of catering to have, décor, bridesmaids... The list goes on. But one of the most important aspects of wedding planning, is choosing which of the wedding venues in Bedfordshire you want to host the wedding.

As soon as the wedding date or month is finalised, you should be seeking out the various wedding venues in Bedfordshire for availability, as far ahead of time as possible. But deciding which location is the ‘right’ venue can be a process that takes days on end, and it can become overwhelming for newly engaged couples.

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In order to help you both decide on which of the wedding venues in Bedfordshire is right for you, we have put together an easy to follow guide.

How Many Guests Will You Have?

This is a pivotal decision (and sometimes a painful one…), but knowing your guest list numbers will greatly impact the size of your venue. If you’re thinking of inviting more than 200 people to your wedding, then your filter for venues in Bedfordshire changes quite dramatically. In this case, you’ll probably need to book a special event space like Wrest Park House for example, or Shuttleworth, both which have a capacity of up to 1000.

If you’re thinking of hosting a more intimate affair, like a micro-wedding for example (50 guests or less), then obviously your choices change again. And in this case, you have the freedom to tie the knot not just in a private venue, but also in a restaurant, pub or anywhere you fancy! Like the atmospheric