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13 Things You Should Do on the Night Before Your Wedding

Look after your body the night before your wedding, and it will look after you when you need it.

The night before your wedding can be the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking time of all. There's so much that has to be prepared, while competing with the sheer excitement and unavoidable nerves that coincide with getting married. To ensure the thought of “I’m getting married tomorrow!” will bring you happiness rather than stress, make sure everything is prepared ahead of time. Here's a list of 13 things you should do the night before your wedding to make sure everything goes according to plan!

What to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

1. Set Aside Some Time to be with Your Partner

If you are partaking in the wedding tradition of the couple not spending the night before the wedding together, then make sure you set aside a little bit of time that day to just be together. Go for a walk, or have a lovely lunch together and savour that feeling of ‘the next time we see each other, we’ll be getting married!’

2. Pamper Yourself

Now is not the time to try out that new face mask you’ve read about, just in case you have a reaction! But have a lovely bath and use products you know you’re okay with, to give yourself some time and headspace to relax.

3. Get Your Nails Done

Go get that bridal manicure, if you haven’t already! Treat yourself to a luxury session that involves a little hand massage, and some nice moisturiser if you can, so your hands are at their very best ready for their close up.

4. Read Through Your Speeches and Vows

If you’re giving a speech on the big day, now is the time to read through it again, and the same goes for your vows. A couple of calm, relaxed read-throughs will ensure you feel confident and capable when it comes to delivering them on the big day.

5. Prepare Everything Ahead of Time

What do you need? Wedding dress, shoes, special bridal underwear? Make sure you have everything ready, and you know exactly where it all is. Make sure your partner does the same too - you don’t want any panicked calls interrupting your getting ready vibes on the morning of your wedding!

6. Turn Off Your Phone

A switched off evening will give your mind a rest. But make sure to give people your maid of honour’s phone number in case of emergencies, but stay off social, and give yourself a break from group chats, and work email!

7. Eat (Reasonably) Healthy

It can be tempting, especially when your girls over for a sleepover, to order a big, greasy pizza. But you will not feel your best after doing that... And no one wants to wake up at 3am on their wedding day feeling dehydrated and greasy.

8. Have a Couple, But Don't Overdo it

Yes, have a glass or two of bubbly - it is your wedding eve after all! But don’t go crazy - you do not want to be hungover on your wed morning, and the more hydrated you are, the better you’ll look and feel.

9. Stay Out of the Sun

Even if it’s a gloriously sunny day, slap on the sun cream and stay in the shade. You don’t want to risk weird tan lines, or worse, sun burns!

10. Have a Thorough Wash

Make sure all your makeup is thoroughly removed and your skin is feeling fresh and cleansed to minimise the risk of any overnight breakouts. Also, check with your hairstylist, and ask about washing your hair, lots of styles work best when your hair isn’t too freshly washed.

11. Get a Good Night's Sleep

Get yourself off to bed at a reasonable time, and try your hardest to get some sleep! Listen to a sleepy inducing podcast, some white noise or calming music if you need to, and look into a lavender sleep spray if you think you might struggle to doze off... You’ll feel amazing on the big day if you manage to get a good night’s sleep — and it’ll arrive much more quickly!

12. Exercise

If you can fit it in, the evening before the wedding is a great time to do sneak in a yoga class or to go for a long walk. Exercise is a fantastic way to relieve stress, get fresh air, and unwind before your wedding day.

13. Put Any Bags You Need in the Car

Pack the car with all the items you'll need for your wedding day so that you can wake up in the morning and not have to worry about doing any heavy lifting before getting out the door.


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