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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photos

Feel calm, at ease and looking fabulous with our simple tips for your engagement photo session.

Did you get engaged during lockdown? Have you been waiting to tell the world your big news? If you have been waiting to meet up with your photographer to shoot some engagement photos, you should be able to do so soon, as lockdown restrictions ease. As the photoshoot draws near, you may have started to think about how you're going to feel during the session. Its only natural to feel some anxiety, or nerves about the experience as it is not every day a professional photographer takes your picture.

So today we thought we’d share a few tips that will hopefully calm that anxiety, allay those fears and help you nail your post-lockdown engagement photoshoot!

How to Look Incredible in Your Engagement Photos

Get Your Hair & Make-Up Done

Most make-up artists and hairstylists have a “trial” date to make sure the look or hairstyle you want on your wedding day is perfect. Take advantage of these trials, and collaborate with your engagement photographer to have photos done after these trials. Another suggestion, is to do your hair and make-up yourself to give you a more soft and natural look. The key is to look and feel like the gorgeous couple you are and to be comfortable.

Get the Location Right

The location of your engagement photos sets the tone for your shoot. If you want elements of the background to tie into your engagement story, then picking carefully is important. Location also works with your outfit selection to tell this story. If you are wearing a comfortable outfit and boots you would pick a location to match, such as an urban/city location. This is your engagement shoot, so you can choose wherever you want the location to be.

Think About Props

Adding a few fun props can add a creative touch for your engagement photos. This can be anything from your furry best friend, to a blanket, to a bicycle. Extra props can also help ease some stiffness in front of the camera, as it gives your hands something to do. Consider adding a prop for your engagement photography session and if you are unsure what to bring, ask your photographer.

Be Yourself

This is the time to get comfortable with your photographer, and with being in-front of the camera. Engagement photography sessions are a lot of fun, and they are important practice for the big day. So be yourself now, and you'll look back on your wedding photos a lot more favourably than if you hadn't.

Show that Ring

Adding a few accents of jewellery can be a nice touch. Adding too many pieces however will distract away from the overall look and feel of the photos, which is to celebrate both your engagement and love.

Give Yourself Time

Since photography is all about light, make sure you communicate with your photographer if you are running late or things are not going as planned. Most engagement photographers plan to photograph in the two hours before sunset. If you are running 30 minutes late, then running out of light is a real possibility.


Pinterest can be a useful tool to help you visually prepare for your engagement photography session. The key is to stay on track and be focused. It is REALLY easy to spend hours lost on Pinterest, looking at beautiful wedding and engagement photos. Try and spend up to 30 minutes on Pinterest at one time, focusing on one subject, such as wedding flower ideas, or wedding dress inspiration. Then do something else, or if you're strong enough, pick another subject and research that. While researching, write down the elements of shots you like, in order to share it with your photographer. It makes their job of working out what you like, easier.

Enjoy Yourself

The most important tip! Having fun during your shoot makes for wonderful engagement photos.

Just focus on being yourself, your partner and your future. And the rest will come!


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