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Engagement Ring Trends for 2023

Whether you’re choosing your own engagement ring or looking for the perfect proposal piece, we've got the biggest trends for 2023.

engagement ring trends for 2023

Just as wedding dress trends come and go, so do jewellery styles come in and out of favour. However, engagement rings trends tend to stick around for a while. Keeping with timeless gems and classic shapes. Today we're sharing the engagement ring trends for 2023 that, we feel, will hold their own in the style stakes, remaining chic for many an entirety to come.

2023 Engagement Ring Trends

With social media and celebrity influence stronger than ever, brides-to-be are looking for something to make their engagement ring stand out from the crowds, and pop on their Instagram feeds.

From bold coloured diamonds, to micro-bands and minimalist cuts, the adage that ‘size isn’t everything’ certainly rings true when it comes to looking ahead to the engagement ring trends of 2023.

Coloured gemstone engagement rings

Coloured gemstone engagement rings

Coloured diamonds and gemstones are a great way to make simple and elegant styles even brighter and bolder. Whether you opt to set them on a white, yellow or rose gold band, the plethora of coloured gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires will enable you to express your own personal style and creativity with your engagement ring.

Gallery detailing

Gallery detailing engagement ring

Adding a hidden touch to an engagement ring is proving popular in 2023. Classic rings with small gems or engravings on the gallery can transform the look of a once standard style.

Halo Rings

halo rings

The popularity of halo engagement rings is increasing as we head into 2023. Their encrusted design makes the centre diamond appear larger than traditional styles, an aspect much loved on social media. We can expect to see couples taking this illusion effect further with more unusual shapes in 2023. Unique twists on the halo design will also be prevalent, with coloured gemstones or additional detailing being added to the band.

Lab Diamonds

Lab Diamonds grown engagement ring trends 2023

Environmentally conscious couples in 2023 will be opting for a more sustainable alternative to mined diamonds, by choosing lab-grown diamonds for their engagement ring. These man-made rocks have minimal impact on the earth, and are significantly cheaper than their natural cousins. We expect to see plenty more available in jewellers in 2023.

Minimalist engagement rings

Minimalist engagement rings

The trend for the minimalist engagement ring is back, and this is not expected to go away anytime soon. That ‘less is more look’ is often achieved by successfully pairing striking stones with more delicate bands. This is perfect for those who tend not to wear much jewellery, or would rather not make a statement with their engagement ring.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone Engagement Rings

A diamond solitaire is considered to be the archetypal engagement ring. However, when Meghan Markle upgraded her gold band and solitaire to a three-stone engagement ring last recently, a new trend took off. This engagement ring trend usually involves a thin band with a large diamond or gem, supported by two smaller stones. The three stones are said to represent a couple’s past, present, and future. You could also add a twist with unique colours and diamond cuts.

Different Shaped Diamonds

Different Shaped Diamonds pear

Oval and Pear-shaped diamonds topped the engagement ring hotlist in 2022, and now a whole new variety of shapes and cuts are trending. Look out for hexagonal shapes and triangle cut diamonds next year.

Stackable Engagement Rings

Stackable Engagement Ring trends for 2023

Jewellery stacking is not a new concept, however, more and more brides-to-be are incorporating this trend to their bridal sets. This means you can now wear your engagement, wedding, and eternity rings all together. ‘Cause whoever said less is more clearly wasn’t talking about diamonds. To support this engagement ring trend, jewellers are now selling interlocking designs, and we'll expect to see more follow suit in 2023.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

While platinum and white gold bands have topped the popularity charts when it comes to engagement rings lately, yellow gold rings are making a comeback. Gold bands compliment both diamonds and coloured gemstones, while also adding a vintage feel when paired with a traditional gold wedding band.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Ring for 2023 trends

Whether you’re opting for a solitaire, pavé diamonds or pear-shaped stone, a rose gold band offers a romantic take on a classic engagement ring. A bolder statement than white gold or platinum, rose gold flatters all skin tones.

Once you've got the engagement ring, you then need the dress!

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