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Wedding Ideas for 2019

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Create the most unique on on-trend wedding day in 2019

Every year couples seek out new and unique details to include in their wedding ceremony and reception. When it comes to 2019 wedding trends, brides and grooms will be finding updates to currently popular designs as well as innovative ideas that haven’t been seen before at weddings.

We thought we would round up our favourite wedding ideas for 2019 that we believe will really create a look and feel for your big day that will be unique and timeless.

Sculptural installations are the new centre-prices

Floral installations became the hot new centerpiece design in 2018, and we’ll see a continuation of this unique wedding idea in 2019. Designers will be creating instillations to sit on the reception table instead of hanging them from above. Floral installations are still really popular for 2019, but the trend will bring more unique sculptural installations on the table.

Sunday weddings are on the rise.

Couples have been adding multiple events to their wedding weekend including welcome parties, after parties and post-wedding brunches for years, but instead of ending the weekend at the brunch, they’re planning the big event for Sunday. Couples are hosting family and friends all weekend long and are opting to celebrate, with a full ceremony and wedding, towards the end of the weekend.

Purple is replacing pink as the go-to shade.

When considering 2019 wedding trends, say goodbye to pale pinks and hello to shades of purple. Blush has had its time in the wedding world for several years but lavender and shades of purples are beginning to replace classic blush tones. Purple can be a very versatile colour. You can make it light and airy or bold and dramatic.

When it comes to flowers in bouquets, brides are choosing quality over quantity.

Greenery has been popular in garlands and archways, but now brides are including an abundance of greenery in their bridal bouquets. Brides are more interested in amazing flowers than an abundance of flowers. Giant greenery with two to six amazing blooms, such as garden roses, peonies, and protea, are what brides will be carrying in 2019.

Rust is the new hot metallic.  

Metallics have evolved from shiny silvers and golds to matte copper and brass, and now they’re progressing to rust. We will see rust as an Autumn tone with a metallic accent for a new look as one of the top 2019 wedding trends. When using rust in your wedding palette, include a brighter color to ensure that it doesn’t look too dark. Two colour palettes that we recommend with rust are: rust with navy and grey and rust paired with cream and burgundy.

Brides are opting for natural and classic beauty looks.

Bridal beauty is going classic in 2019. Brides are going to be embracing a natural look that highlights their favourite feature with a bold accent. Think wine-coloured lips with full lashes or a metallic eye shadow with a super-soft pink lip. Faux lashes are used almost universally because you can enhance the eyes without adding more makeup to the skin.

Plants and herbs are decorating tables.

Instead of traditional flowers, couples are still looking to include greenery in their reception décor, but are selecting something other than foliage. Greenery in the form of plants and herbs in modern vessels are going to be decorating reception tables in 2019. White ceramic, black ceramic and wood boxes are some of the modern-style containers being used.

Interactive bars allow guests to customize their drinks.

Caterers have been offering food trucks and interactive food bars for a few years, allowing guests to customise the food they eat during a couple’s cocktail hour, but couples now like to include something interactive for their guests at a specialty bar, like a tequila tasting or scotch tasting bars are a fun activity. A mixologist onsite can assist guests in choosing different drinks to try and enjoy. Pimp my Prosecco anyone?

There you have it! Our top on-trend wedding ideas for 2019! Creating something unique for your wedding day is never easy but with research and some of the ideas above you can put together a big day that is modern, yet so you!

Claire & Christine xx



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