What to Do With Your Wedding Dress After Your Big Day

If you don’t know what to do with your wedding dress, you are not alone.

Once you’ve had your wedding dress dry-cleaned, you might look at it and think to yourself, ‘now what’?

Should you put it in a box in the attic? Under the bed? Either way, it’s a little sad to neglect such a meaningful garment. Below, we list some of our favourite alternatives for what to do with your wedding dress.

Re-wear it

What to do with your wedding dress might depend on the kind of wedding you actually had. If you had a registry ceremony or a low-key day, chances are you wore something that could be accessorised differently in order to achieve an entirely different look. Lose the veil, change the colour of your shoes, ditch the bouquet, pare back your makeup – the opportunities are endless. So are the occasions for which you could wear it.

You might decide to embrace the idea of buying a shorter style that you could wear again on your honeymoon, or in the future for anniversary celebrations.

Reinvent it

Your gown can reincarnate with just a few alterations. An adjustment here or an embellishment there gives it a second life. And wearing your newly tailored dress on a special occasion doubles up as a wonderful reminder of the big day.

Maybe you could amend it to be shorter and add a little sparkle. You’ll love wearing it again.

Give it an afterlife

We have so much respect for pre-loved bridal brand Brides do Good. The initiative’s mission is to empower young girls so they can make their own choices in life and have a proper education. That includes giving them the freedom to choose who they marry. Up to two-thirds of the profits Brides do Good makes from selling pre-loved and ex-sample dresses are donated to charities that work towards this goal. So, by donating (or even selling) your wedding dress to Brides do Good, you could change a child’s life.

Hand it down

If you’re planning to have children, saving your wedding dress for your daughter to wear on her big day (though, remember, fashions change!) can be a lovely thing. We prefer a more fun option… Let them play dress up with it! It’s far better for it to be enjoyed rather than forgotten about.

Dig it out

Donning your gown years down the line can be a brilliant way to have some fun. Make your partner laugh by greeting them in it when they wake up (this works particularly well if it’s super bridal!) Or why not wear it to a fancy dress party? It saves you buying a costume. The possibilities are endless…it just depends on how daring you are.

Reinvest it

Selling your dress and using that money for something meaningful is a beautiful way to ‘continue its legacy’. Is there a course you want to complete? A piece of art you’d like to have for your newly married home? Or maybe you want to buy yourselves a pet! Selling your dress can help build your future – rather than hanging onto something from the past.

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