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10 Stunning Ways To Make Your Wedding Aisle A Walk To Remember

A creatively decorated wedding aisle will transform your ceremony and help bring to life those wild dreams you've been having.

A lot of thought often goes into the decoration of a wedding reception, from the centrepieces to the epic flower walls and everything in between. The ceremony, however, is the major attraction and merits equal care in terms of decoration. Depending on the type of wedding you're planning, there are ways to make it uniquely yours, including aisle runners, wedding arches, and aisle décor.

Here, you'll find some of our best wedding aisle decorating ideas that you're sure to fall instantly in love with!

Ways To Make Your Wedding Aisle A Walk To Remember

One of the most memorable (and iconic) parts of your wedding ceremony will be when you walk down the aisle, so make it special!

1. Trees

Small trees work so well with an organic wedding ceremony theme. Just make sure they aren’t so tall that they block the view of your guests! You don't want them missing out on seeing your beautiful wedding dress!

tree on wedding aisle with petals on lanterns

2. Fruit

Have you thought about using fruit as your wedding aisle liners? Think pineapples for a tropical wedding, or maybe berries for an autumn celebration.

hanging oranges fruit wedding aisle decoration

3. Lanterns

Lanterns are oh so romantic! Our favourite thing about them is that they incorporate well into any wedding style or theme. They would be so perfect lit up with candles for an evening ceremony.

lanterns wedding aisle decor

4. Pumpkins

Want to bring the cosiness of autumn into your ceremony? Look no further than an aisle lined with decorative pumpkins! Perfect for a chic Halloween theme!

pumpkins wedding aisle decoration

5. Florals

For an easy to create, gorgeous look, place bouquets of your wedding flowers on the sides of each chair lining the aisle.

6. Greenery

Bring out Mother Nature’s beauty by adding natural greenery to your wedding aisle. It’s easy on the eyes and easy on your budget too!

7. Candles

Not only will candles light the way to your 'I do's', but they’ll also calm any last-minute nerves.

candles wedding aisle evening ceremony

8. Petals

You can use florals on your ceremony aisle in so many ways. Scattering plenty of flower petals over the aisle will create a soft, elegant look.

flower petals wedding ceremony aisle

9. Pampas Grass

We bet you’ve seen these wonderful feather-looking things on Pinterest before, but had no idea what they were called! Pampas grass makes a bold statement just by itself and is popping up at boho-chic style weddings everywhere!

boho pampas grass wedding ceremony decoration

10. Plants

Plants held in tall tin vases create a sophisticated look and work well for both an indoor and outdoor ceremonies.


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