Wedding Timings: What Time of Day Is Best for My Wedding?

You probably want your wedding day to last for as long as possible because, chances are, it’s going to whizz by all too quickly!

When should you start things off and when should it all finish? It’s up to you really, so to help you decide on wedding timings, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for each options…

Wedding Timings: What Time of day is Best for my Wedding?

Afternoon Wedding

With an afternoon wedding, your time is going to be limited. If your ceremony is scheduled for 2pm and you then host a wedding reception afterwards, before leaving for your honeymoon at about 6pm, that only gives you four hours to fit everything in; this should be more than enough time for a small, intimate wedding, but if you’ve dreamed of a big event you might find it all a bit of a rush.