Should I Wear A Wedding Veil?

Veil or no veil? Spoiler alert, it's up to you!

Before you began planning your big day, it's likely you didn't know just how many styles of wedding veils existed: dramatic cathedral, vintage caged, romantic shoulder-length, and beyond. But for some brides, the question isn’t “What veil should I wear?” It's more like, “Is wearing a veil right for my wedding?”

“Veil or no veil?” is a question most modern-day brides might be asked, or ask themselves. However, decades ago, it was certain that a bride would wear a veil. It has long been a tradition embedded in a myriad of different cultures and societies all around the world. While veils are an undeniably beautiful aspect of wedding day attire, their purpose was for far more than appearance. In fact, the whole wedding veil meaning and history is fascinating. A veil symbolised virginity, and the act of “unveiling” the bride, or having the father lift the veil and present his daughter to the groom, was symbolically meant to represent the allowance of her to essentially no longer be a virgin. Kind of crazy when you think of it in modern terms, right?!

Clearly, nowadays, wedding veils have lost most of the above symbolism, of course depending on the culture. And, in modern English society, they’re not even an essential, or required, part of the ceremony or wedding day. In fact, many brides choose to forgo wearing a veil altogether. It's of course a matter of choice what you choose to wear as you walk down the aisle.

Below we have shared some pro's and con's that might help you answer the question 'Should I Wear A Wedding Veil?'


  • It’s iconic bridal. Nothing says “I’m getting married” more than a veil. While there may be other occasions in your life to rock a white gown or a stunning crystal headpiece, there likely won’t be one other time when wearing a veil will be appropriate. The number-one wardrobe complaint we hear post-nuptials from brides who decided to skip a veil is, “I wish I’d worn a veil!” Even brides who haven’t dreamed of getting married their entire lives or have a more edgy fashion sense can sometimes end up regretting their choice not to rock this classic wedding-day accessory.

  • It can complete a look. If your bridal gown is super simple, and you feel it just needs a little something extra, a veil can be the perfect accessory to tie your wedding-day look together.

  • It looks stunning in wedding photos. We’ve all seen those Pinterest-worthy images where a bride’s veil is blowing in the wind, creating a dreamy, gauzy, drool-worthy scene. Whether it’s trailing behind you in the sunset as you and your new spouse run into the distance, or wrapped around your shoulders as you embrace, wedding veils often make for really stunning photo opportunities.


  • Windy weather can be a nightmare. If you’re saying 'I Do' in windy weather, a veil can be a bit of a hindrance. We’ve all seen brides who are forced to fuss with an unruly veil as they walk down the aisle, and this can make for less-than-ideal ceremony shots.

  • It can be fussy. Consider what else you’ve got going on in your wedding-day look. If you’re wearing big pieces of jewellery, they can often (and easily) get caught in the fabric of your wedding veil. The last thing you want is to go to tuck your hair behind your ear during the ceremony only to have your dainty diamond bracelet get caught in your veil...

  • It can compete with the look of your gown. Some gowns can steal the spotlight all on their own, and you don’t want to take away from that by adding a wedding veil to a look that doesn’t need one. Even the simplest of veils are often enough to overpower an intricate wedding gown. If you fell in love with your wedding gown because of the beading on the upper back, it probably doesn't make sense to opt for a veil that covers that. If you’re not sure if a veil will overpower your gown or not, make sure to try them both on together while you're in the wedding shop, or fitting.

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