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How to Throw a Virtual Wedding on Zoom

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Don't le a Pandemic Get in Your Way of Marking the Big Day

Brides and grooms, you are not alone if your original wedding plans have changed or been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. But there is no reason why you shouldn't celebrate the day, so throw a virtual wedding on Zoom!

Throw a Virtual Wedding on Zoom

While Covid-19 has paused any wedding plans for the foreseeable future, many engaged couples aren’t letting this stand in their way. Those forced to postpone are finding creative ways to mark their original wedding date. This pandemic has taught us that we are lucky to live in such a digital age and by harnessing the power of technology we can have a virtual version of our wedding day to share with family and friends online.

How to Throw a Virtual Wedding

Very simply, this is your big day and it will be completely down to you as to how much you would like to do and what you would like to do. Whether you just fancy having drinks and a chat with your bridal party or really want to go full on ceremony at home; the choice is yours.

Here are some key things to remember when you host your wedding online:

1) Do you have decent Wi-Fi?

This could be an issue if the answer is no, as the whole event will be disrupted by issues with technology. Ensure you are in a place within your home where the connection is its best and you’ll have minimal issues.

2) Do you have the right software?

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and the like, are all fantastic to use for this kind of event. However, some free versions of the software place a time limit on meetings. These services are very affordable on a monthly subscription so you may want to consider upgrading to a premium subscription for just the month of your event. Or, if you are asking someone else such as a celebrant to be the host, you may want to ensure they have this software available to them.

3) Send out invitations

Whether you send the link via email or go for something slightly more official, your guests need the when, the where and the how-to (especially the older guests). Remember that things like Zoom and FaceTime are fairly new tools for many, so some might need support joining your virtual wedding day.

Your invitation will also need to include details of anything you are wanting your attendees to do in preparation. If for example, if you are going to do a cocktail making class to mark your original hen party date, you will need to tell your attendees the ingredients they will need to take part. 

4) Have Fun!

This is your big day and can be absolutely yours in every way. Ask attendees to dress up, send them some decor to place in the background of their video, and have fun planning as you would any other wedding. It will not be exactly the same as what you had originally planned, but remember that you can always have that dream moment at a later, less restricted date.

Which Other Events are Couples Celebrating Online?

It’s not just your original wedding date that you can still virtually celebrate, it is also all the special events leading up to it. The festivities that go hand-in-hand with weddings, such as engagement parties, American style bridal showers and hen or stag parties, can all be thrown virtually.

Here we have some ideas, tips and tricks for how you can throw each of your wedding events completely virtually!

Engagement Party

Whether you said yes before lockdown or had a quarantine proposal, an engagement is always something to celebrate! Decide if you’d prefer to limit your virtual engagement party to just parents and close friends, or if you want to invite a larger group of people.

Once you have your guest list, it’s time to put on your best outfits, break out your favourite beverages, and prepare some snacks for the occasion. Encourage your attendees to do the same and get ready to celebrate! It might be a short and sweet event, with a few toasts and well wishes but marking such an occasion is so important!

Hen or Stag Party 

Hen and Stag parties are some of the most anticipated pre-wedding events. The next best thing is gathering everyone for a virtual hang out with as many fun activities as possible! You could stream a fun wedding movie together virtually, have a virtual karaoke sing-along, or play virtual games together using apps such as Houseparty. 

If you were having a destination event, bring it to life with decor, food and props. You can also still create matching shirts for guests to wear during the party. Or, you could create a signature cocktail that each guest can prepare themselves. The sky’s the limit with how creative you can get to bring the virtual hen or stag party to life over Zoom. Most important is being able to have a great time with all your best friends together, virtually.

Plus, this is the perfect opportunity for a Stag do, the combination of both your parties for a great celebration. It’s a great way to bring all your good friends and family together in one event. Plus, what is there to stop you from having the real hen and stag events at a later date?


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