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What Type of Hen Are You?

Before the wedding celebrations comes the hen party celebrations! Are you a raucous hen, or a relaxed hen? Find out which kind of hen party suits you best from our list below.

Now that Covid restrictions have been pretty much lifted in the UK, the idea of throwing a traditional hen party is very much a reality now. But what type of hen party are you? Are you a raving chicken? Or a relaxed chick with a love for pampering? If you're not sure which option is best for you, we've devised a handy little list that should help you, and your girls plan the party of a lifetime. Or the ultimate relax session!


If your idea of a great hen party is full of pink sashes, penis paraphernalia, and a whole lot of drinking, a big night out is the one for you. The locals better watch out. You guys are party animals, so what are you waiting for? Get all glammed out and paint the town red… or pink!


Fancy heading overseas to celebrate your last days of freedom? It will be a different experience for you and your hens, as well as a well-deserved break from wedding planning. It can be fun and relaxing in equal measure. So, get searching, booking and sunning yourself.


Perhaps you’re not into a having a big night out, or want to avoid that dreaded hangover. Why not book in for a stay at a nice hotel for a chic city break with you and your best girls? Whether you’re keeping it in the UK or heading abroad to the European cities, there will be a ton of things for you to do!


If you think of yourself as a dancing goddess, how about a dance class for your hen do? You could even arrange a little something for the wedding day itself. Or, keep it a little more private with a pole dancing class. We’re sure your groom might like the sound of that hen party ;) If that sounds up your street you should check out LoveSpin!


For the hens that prefer not to be the ones in the limelight, heading to a show of some sort is a great idea. It could be a play or musical the bride-to-be has always loved or always wanted to see or it could be something a little more silly. How about a comedy show? A little visit to see The Dream Boys is always bound to get a few giggles.


For those brides who just want to forget ‘planning’ for a little bit. Book a spa package, it’s the perfect excuse to put the stress in someone else’s hands – literally. A massage can do you the world of good, and you may as well make a day of it so you’re ready to crack on with that wedding planning at the end of it. Hen Heaven has lots of choices for Spa Weekend packages – go on, you know you want to.


If you’re feeling like you want to be ever-so-traditional for your hen party, book you and your gals in for a posh afternoon tea or Tea Party. If tea won’t quite hit the spot with you, opt for the champagne option too. Besides, it’s only going to take up your ‘afternoon’ isn’t it? Who says you can’t have a few more bevvies after you’ve scoffed the scones?


There are so many options if you’re looking to get a bit of an adrenaline rush to celebrate your last few days as a single lady. Have you had a look at Chillisauce? They can certainly help any adventurous brides-to-be out there find the perfect activity for their hen party. From abseiling to zorb football, bobsledding to water-sports – the list is endless! You could really up the ante with some competitive go-karting.


Sometimes there’s really nothing better than a chilled night in with your favourite friends, a few glasses of wine and a delicious box of Chinese takeaway. However, sometimes that group chat on Whatsapp can get a bit much when it comes to organising something. The dilemmas and repeated conversations of who’s bringing the crisps, who’s bringing the DVDs. Does that sound familiar? This is where UK Girl Thing can help out with their Ultimate Girls Night In!


Finally, for those who want something a little different. Does the sound of hen party ring ‘same old’ to you? You’ll probably want something a little bit different then; something you’ve never heard done before. Why not put your skills to the test and do something like a murder mystery, life drawing or perfume making?

This way, you’ll get something to remember it by at the end of it, unlike the lack of memory and a hangover of a night out. Alternatively, hire a barman or chef or enrol in a cocktail making class.


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