How to Have a Tech Savvy Wedding on a Budget!

How To Have A Tech Savvy Wedding On Budget In these Steps…

Whilst the trend towards banning technology through ‘unplugged weddings’ is becoming increasingly popular amongst tech frazzled couples, there’s still many of us who are keen to embrace the prospect of a tech savvy wedding. With so many cool and different apps and websites available, it can sometimes seem a bit of a shame to ban tech entirely. Plus with technology ever changing, there’s so many new and fun ways to incorporate it into your big day that will cost you little to no money. To get you inspired, here’s a run down of some of our favourites.

Create a Personalised Wedding Day Hashtag

This idea is fairly common but can be a simple way to incorporate social media into your wedding day. Hashtags are used on social media to easily find posts from many users on a singular topic (insert: your wedding). By creating your own unique hashtag and asking wedding guests to use it when sharing their photos of your big day, you’ll have a gallery of memories from loved ones to revisit long after the day is over with. These hashtags can be as simple or creative as you and your future spouse would like! The most important thing is that it’s easy to spell and remember so that your guests can accurately use it and you can find their posts later.

Here are some common ways of creating a wedding day hashtag: - Simple: Last Name + “Wedding” + Year = #AndersonWedding2019 - Celebrity Couple Name: Find a clever combination of your and your spouse’s names like celebrity couples such as “Brangelina” (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), or “Kimye” (Kim Kardashian and Kanye). - Puns: If one of your last names, venue, or theme is made for punny material, use it to your advantage and give guests a chuckle. - If you’re really stumped, try using a Wedding Hashtag Generator.

Once you’ve decided on your hashtag of choice, make sure your guests know about it! Include it in the wedding program, on table cards or napkins at the cocktail hour, and on menus, tables or projections at the reception. It might also be nice to add a little note expressing how you’d like the hashtag to be used so you can remember the special day!

Create an Instagram Account just for your Wedding Day

Another fun idea would be to make an actual Instagram account dedicated to your wedding. You can document the hen and stags, getting ready, the big day and even the honeymoon. Nominate one of your bridesmaids to be in charge on the day and get them posting not only to you profile but on Instagram stories too – you could even take advantage of Instagram Live too if you fancy!

Invite via Paperless Post

Set the tech tone by sending out your invites via Paperless Post, a website that enables you to easily send stylised online invitations. Choose from an endless number of gorgeous designs, including exclusives from the likes of Rifle Paper and Oscar de la Renta. Not only is this a lovely and different way to do things, it will also make your wedding admin super easy too, with guests typically being a lot better at RSVP-ing to emails rather than post. Worried about guests who aren’t quite as well-versed with the internet? You have the option to send hard copies in the post too!

Stream your Wedding Day Live

With so many different apps taking on the functionality of going ‘live’, why not think about live streaming elements of your wedding? This could be to a select number of people on a private Instagram account or alternatively you could proudly share the day with all your Facebook friends. This is something you can set up and just press go on or if you’d rather, why not ask a friend or family member to look after it? This is the perfect opportunity for those who unfortunately couldn’t be there to feel part of the wedding too. They can get the tea and cakes ready and await your arrival at the church from wherever in the world they may be – perfect!

Create Your Own Charging Station

If you’re going to be encouraging wedding guests to wiggle around for Boomerangs and share hilarious dancing snaps online, you’re going to need to make sure their phones see them through the night. Thankfully, the clever people of the Pinterest community have come up with the amazing idea of prettifying power charging banks; discreet stations of plugs where guests can leave their phones to charge. One of our favourites is this DIY creation where they hide a charging station is a trough of flowers, with a cute sign explaining what to do.

Collaborate on a Spotify Playlist

All your guests are going to have at least one or two songs that will, without fail, get them dancing and singing their heart out on the dance floor – so why not get them each to contribute to your wedding playlist? Create a collaborative Spotify playlist and invite guests to add their picks to the list, anyone with a Spotify account (which is free!) can do it. This is something you can pump out of the speakers once the band has gone or pass onto your designated DJ.

Host a Wedding Day Social Media Scavenger Hunt

To add an extra layer of entertainment to your cocktail hour and reception, host a wedding day social media scavenger hunt for your guests! Provide a list of tasks for guests to complete that are related to your love story or to act as ice breakers amongst guests. These lists can be placed on the cocktail tables, by the bar(s), or in the wedding programs.

Some ideas for the wedding day social media scavenger hunt could include: - Find a wedding guest you’ve never met from the same city/county/town as you and take a selfie with them. - Make a short video expressing your favourite memories of the bride and groom. - What’s your top tip for marriage? - Whether you’re #TeamBride or #TeamGroom, meet 5 people who are friends with the opposite side and take a big group selfie. - Make a video showing off your best dance floor move!

Each of the tasks should be completed on either an Instagram story or Snapchat story, depending on your preference. It’s also important that the wedding or scavenger hunt-specifc hashtag is included. Whoever completes all the tasks, or completes them first should receive drink tickets or a special prize!

Personalise a Wedding Website

To regularly keep your guests in the loop and all your various plans in one place, a wedding website is such a great idea. You can pop on there information and directions for the ceremony and the reception, get your guests to RSVP online and recommend places for your guests to stay, with the ability to book too. Your guests will love you for it and you can also use it to share all the images of your big day with them afterwards.