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Blooms and Brides: Unveil the Perfect Wedding Florist with these Essential Questions

Get these questions answered, and your wedding florist will not fail to reveal themselves

Planning a wedding is like orchestrating a symphony of love, and every note, from the venue to the dress, plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious melody. Among these, the floral arrangements are the crescendo, adding colour, fragrance, and elegance to your big day. Selecting the right wedding florist is key to ensuring your floral symphony hits all the best notes.

wedding florist questions

The Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Florist

To help you navigate this fragrant journey, we've compiled a list of must-ask questions – because when it comes to wedding florists, it's not just about petals, it's about the perfect bouquet ballet! Apologies for all the musical references…!

1. What's Your Style

Start any floral tête-à-tête by discovering your potential florist's style. Do they lean towards classic and timeless arrangements, or are they more experimental and whimsical?

Make sure their style aligns with your floral fantasies, and coordinates with your wedding dress. You don't want tulips and daisies when you're dreaming of peonies and orchids.

2. A Wedding Florist that Matches Your Budget?

It's crucial to have a transparent discussion with any potential florist about your floral budget. Ask about package options, additional costs, and whether they offer payment plans. A skilled florist will work magic within your budget, creating a blooming masterpiece without wilting your wallet.

3. Always Browse Their Portfolio?

A florists visual portfolio should give you a glimpse into their artistry, while also showcasing their range and ability to turn petals into poetry.

wedding bouquet from luxury florist

4. How Flexible is Your Florist?

Flexibility is key, especially when you're dealing with nature. Ask your potential wedding florist about how they'd adjust to last-minute changes, substitutions, or unforeseen floral fiascos. A true floral professional should be capable of turning a botanical blunder into a fragrant triumph.

5. Are they the Boss? Ensure that the professional you're consulting will also be the one leading the petal parade on your wedding day. Having a direct line of communication with the florist in charge eliminates any floral miscommunications and guarantees your vision blossoms into reality.

6. Are Your Dream Flowers in Season? Flowers have their seasons, just like fashion trends. Enquire about the availability and quality of your preferred blooms during your wedding season. A knowledgeable florist will guide you toward the freshest and most cost-effective options, ensuring your floral arrangements stand the test of time (or at least the day).

7. Have they Worked at Your Venue? Ask if the florist is familiar with your wedding venue. A seasoned floral designer will know the ins and outs of different spaces, suggesting arrangements that complement the venue's ambiance.

8. How About Floral Extras? Beyond the bouquets and centrepieces, discuss the possibility of additional floral touches. Ask about aisle décor, floral arches, and creative installations. A wedding florist who embraces innovative approaches will be able to transform your venue into a blooming wonderland, creating Instagram-worthy moments at every turn.

9. What's their Process? Wedding florists don't just drop off the blooms and vanish like a floral phantom. Ask about their setup process. When will they arrive? How long will it take? Will they coordinate with other suppliers?

A well-orchestrated setup ensures your floral symphony hits the right notes from the first guest's arrival, to the final dance.

10. What's the Floral Backup Plan? Mother Nature can be as unpredictable as an impromptu wedding proposal. Enquire about the florist's contingency plan for weather-related mishaps or unexpected floral disasters. A seasoned wedding florist will have a backup strategy to ensure your day remains as beautiful as planned, rain or shine.

Remember, selecting the perfect wedding florist is like finding the right dance partner – they should be in tune with your rhythm, complement your style, and create a seamless, beautiful performance. So, grab your bouquet of questions, twirl into that floral consultation, and let the wedding florist waltz you into a blooming bliss that will leave everyone breathless. Happy flower hunting!


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