Stunning Locations to (Mini-Moon) Honeymoon in the UK

Right now a (Mini-moon) Honeymoon in the UK sounds like an amazing way to celebrate your big day & a lot less hassle than arranging a honeymoon abroad during Covid-19.

honeymoon in the uk

Photo by Max Ducourneau

Sometimes after the wedding of your dreams, it’s just not possible to go on a lavish honeymoon too - certainly not during a pandemic. But don’t panic – you can have a fabulous stay-cation at home. We’ve rounded up the most amazing and unusual destinations to (mini-moon) honeymoon in the UK.

Staying in the UK at the moment has many real world advantages over taking a honeymoon abroad during Covid-19. Firstly, destinations like Spain, Italy and Portugal may be opening up their tourist hot spots, but they are not quite as they were... Expect long lines of sunbathers waiting to enter the beaches due to the restrictions on spacing, many attractions simply not open and clubs not to be welcoming dancing on their dance-floors but sit down drinks listening to a DJ behind a screen. Honeymoons and holidays are going to look a little different for the time being but beyond that, from this week (10/06/20) you will need to quarantine at home for 2 weeks upon your return - a reality that is just not possible for many working people. However, don't dwell on the doom and gloom of it all and just put your big trip abroad on pause and take a (min-moon) honeymoon in the UK.

By choosing to leaving your passport at home you'll be able to rediscover just how beautiful this country actually is, especially during Summer! Not only that, you'll be doing your bit to support the local tourism industry which has been so sorely hit duri