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Bridal Underwear for Big Busts: How to Find the Perfect Bra

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The perfect dress starts with the perfect bra. Without solid foundations, even the most beautiful dress can never look good.

Choosing bridal underwear can be almost as difficult as choosing the dress itself, especially for those with big busts. Finding something that fits like a glove, and supports you effortlessly is not easy, and we totally understand why so many plus size brides panic when it comes to this intimate part of the wedding journey.

Bridal Underwear for Big Busts: How to Find the Best Bra

The underwear you pick for the big day will be the foundation for your dream gown, and it'll need to not only be comfortable for day long wear. But also ensure there’s no visible lines to disrupt the beauty of your gown. Plus, of course, it’s your wedding day, and your bridal lingerie should be both functional, and beautiful. It should make you feel like the very best version of yourself.

How to Find Bridal Underwear for Big Busts

When shopping for bridal underwear for big busts, there are a few things to keep in mind.

It's All About Timing

As soon as you've found the perfect bridal gown, it's time to start looking for the perfect underwear, something that'll support your bust and suit the style of dress. The lingerie you wear underneath your gown will affect how it looks on the big day. Therefore, you need to have chosen your bra before fittings begin, as the seamstress will need to account for it when making alterations.

It's also important to pick underwear with your bridal gown in mind, style-wise. Think about the shape and the lines of your gown, and avoid any kind of lingerie that'll show through, or have visible edges showing.

lace bra surrounded by earrings and flowers

Get Measured, Professionally

Not matter their size, scarcely anyone likes the idea of having their bra measurements professionally taken, for many reasons. But the experience will not only be less excruciating than you think, but also more beneficial. You would not believe how many women are walking around wearing bras that do not fit them correctly, sometimes by 2 or 3 sizes.

Once you're measured, and start wearing a bra that actually fits, the benefits are almost instant. Back pain is reduced, clothes fit so much better, posture is improved and you'll look incredible. Overall, a huge confidence creator, just what you need on your big day.

Schedule a bra measurement appointment early in your wedding timeline, and it'll improve every part of the bridal shopping journey.


The type of bridal gown you select may well dictate the type of underwear you choose, or even negate the need to have any at all, even for those with big busts.

As many wedding gowns will have structured bodices built into them, removing the need for a separate bra altogether. While others will have design features that may dictate the type of lingerie worn underneath, for example a strapless gown, or one with sheer sleeves, will work best with a strapless or multiway bra. Any bridal gown that skims close to the body will work best with seamless underwear that doesn't show lines.

When you've found the perfect wedding dress, speak to the stylist about the types of underwear they recommend, styles that'll work best with the dress shape you’ve gone for. They may well have seen some great choices made by other brides who selected a similar gown to yours, fastracking your search for the dream bridal bra.

curvy woman wearing black underwear for big bust

Strapless Can Be Tricky

For those with big busts, it can be difficult to find bridal underwear that works with strapless dresses. All too often they are uncomfortable, do not support and end up being a massive distraction for the bride. Thankfully, nowadays, there are countless strapless bras on the market that have been specifically designed to offer better support for those with larger breasts.

A feature you should certainly look out for when browsing strapless bras is no-slip grips. A special piece of silicone elastic that runs along the seams to keep the bra in place. But if your chosen bra doesn't have this handy characteristic, a thicker waistband should be just as good.

Forget the Strapless Bra & Try a Corset

If you want, or need to go for a strapless look, but feel you need more support, or a little more structure, have you considered a bridal corset? Corset specialists can custom-make designs to fit your measurements specifically, which can include shaping to fit big busts, as well as individual waist and hip measurements.

Corsets are fantastic at creating striking hourglass shapes, as well as providing a firm hold and structure. Whether you opt for a smooth satin one to wear underneath your gown, or go for something more decorative that becomes part of your dress, a corset is a great choice for those with fuller figures.

Wear Your Bra or Corset in

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to discover your bridal underwear seriously rubs the skin, or that the shapewear you chose cuts off the circulation to your thighs. Try out any new pieces at home to see how they feel when worn all day long. That way you can be sure on the day that what you’re wearing is comfortable, leaving you free to truly enjoy the day.


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