The Most Important Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Date

It might seem like a simple decision, but there are lots of things to take into account before you send out those ‘Save The Dates’.

“Have you set a date yet?”

It’s the question you’ll be inundated with just after people congratulate you on your engagement. And it’s not an easy one to answer.

Your wedding date is not just an important one for you, but also your family and friends, and your future wedding anniversaries to come. So how do you decide on such an important date?

Read on to find out all of the essential things you and your partner should carefully consider before setting your wedding date.

Preparation time

Once you’ve said “yes”, it can be tempting to rush down the aisle as soon as possible. But weddings can’t be planned overnight. So when deciding on a date, make sure you have enough time to organise the day you really want.

Venues, churches, bands and photographers all get booked in advance. Plus, wedding dresses can take up to six months to be made, so we recommend doing a bit of research into the wedding items that are important to you before grabbing your diary. Conversely, you can have too much time and find yourself losing momentum with all the preparation. As guide a gui