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7 of The Biggest Wedding Trends for 2021

Without a doubt, weddings in 2021 are going to be inspired by the Covid-19 outbreak, here's what you are likely to see and be inspired by.

Photo by Jeremy Wong

From helping the British economy bounce back to adopting a ‘go big or go home’ mentality for postponed weddings, in 2020 during Covid-19 we’ve been stuck in our homes – not able to hug our loved ones – that will have a profound effect on how we choose to celebrate weddings in 2021. You’ll see on this list of the Biggest Wedding Trends for 2021 both a trend for intimate micro weddings and maxi-weddings where everything from your outfits to your music is oversized and extravagant. That’s because we’ll see two clear paths emerging out of 2020: those who feel the need to scale back and focus on a tight-knit group of nearest and dearest, and those whose passion to celebrate with everyone they care for means a BIG guest list.

Expect 2021 to be a bumper year for weddings, thanks to postponed dates from this year (so book early guys!). And with each of those couples putting their own personality and flavour on their day, we predict a real surge in creative, unique weddings.

The Wedding Trends for 2021

Buy British

The national lockdowns have put a huge strain on the UK economy and, in 2021, we’re going to see much more couples choose to support the UK’s phenomenal network of suppliers, bridal boutiques and independent businesses with their hard-earned money.

The buzz of going out to a bridal boutique, to feel the fabrics of the dresses, to see the styles in person and try them on will be such a luxury and will encourage more brides to invest. More couples will turn to independent shops and local designers to buy their décor and stationery instead of choosing Amazon or a big corporate brand. Local suppliers, from caterers to photographers, will get more bookings as couples choose to invest in the economy on their doorstep.

wedding trends for 2021

Returning to Tradition

Weddings will go back to their roots in 2021: making treasured memories with friends and family. Experts across the wedding industry are predicting tradition to be a defining feature of weddings next year, from timeless dresses to nostalgic fragrances and traditional speeches.

Brides will begin valuing the sentimental moments of their day much more in 2021, such as having their bouquets preserved and framed, or roses planted in their gardens that were used in the wedding flowers. And we when it comes to wedding dresses, brides will opt for more classic and timeless dresses, prioritising the best of the best quality.

wedding dresses in 2021


Couples will increasingly be putting sustainability as a top priority for their wedding day and 2021 will continue to see a big growth in this. The stats are scary – one wedding day produces the same CO2 emissions as five people will produce in a year!

Their efforts to make weddings sustainable are great ideas for all couples to adopt: arrange a tree planting party for your guests to reduce their carbon footprint; keep food miles down by opting for locally grown meat and vegetables (even better if it can be directly from the Estate you’re marrying on) or a vegan menu; serve local beers, wines and spirits; and choose a venue with a beautiful backdrop that doesn’t require lavish decoration that will end up in landfill.

sustainability in 2021 weddings

Bring Back Hollywood Glamour

After we’ve all been stuck inside wearing jogging bottoms and topknots, we’ll see a return to full-on Hollywood glamour, Hair accessories adorned with sparkles or pearls will continue to be popular, and we’ll see renewed interest in chandelier earrings and statement necklaces for 2021 weddings.

Following weeks of elasticated waistbands, couples and their guests will want to go all-out for 2021 weddings. As well as statement and sparkling accessories, expect photo-perfect hair and makeup as we make up for lost photo opportunities while there’s a professional photographer around. Many people will have had to cancel holidays so will be turning to the salon for a sun-kissed look and a bronzed goddess glow to cap their glamorous look!

wedding trends for 2021

Weddings Go Big

By 2021, fiancées will be absolutely itching to ‘go big’ as much as possible to finally celebrate their much-anticipated big day. Imagine waiting an entire year to finally get hitched, especially when you thought the day was definitely on its way.

Next year we’re expecting proper blowouts: extra attendees, glitter galore, bouncing balloons, exquisite bouquets of flowers throughout, and all those classic crowd-pleasing tunes. Postponed wedding couples will celebrate their big day like no other, and it’s made all the sweeter by having to wait for it.

Micro Weddings

Micro weddings are weddings with less than 20 guests, and we’ll see more and more of these intimate ceremonies in 2021. In some cases, it might be about budget constraints, but for a lot, the reasoning will be that couples simply want to scale back to just the few family and friends they can’t live without.

Lockdown has been a period of reflection for many about what’s truly important, and for some couples, that will crystallise exactly who they want by their side on their special day. Crucially, their budget won’t change. They’ll want to splash out on their guests and create an unforgettable experience.

micro weddings in 2021

A Weekday Wedding

Guests can expect to see an influx of invites to weekday weddings in 2021. It’s due in part to the build-up of 2020 weddings which have spilled over into 2021, but also budget considerations for couples who’ve been stretched more than expected. Hiring venues and suppliers is cheaper on weekdays and there’s more likely to be availability.

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