Buying Your Wedding Dress: the Essential Checklist

The thought of buying your wedding dress – it will either excite you with visions of bubbly, beautiful gowns and all your best girls, or it will fill you with dread, because there’s just so much pressure to get it right. That’s where this checklist comes in.

Make buying your wedding dress a breeze by considering these things.

Have you…

Given yourself plenty of time?

Most dresses require a minimum of six months to be made to measure for you.

Let the boutique know what your budget is?

There’s no point falling for a £5,000 dress when you’ve got £2,000 to spend.

Done your research about designers and brands?

This will help you to visit boutiques that stock the kind of dresses you love. Why not start with the stunning wedding dress collections we have in-store.

Looked up sample sales and trunk shows?

If you’re dress shopping on a budget, these opportunities for discounts on bona fide bridal gowns are well worth your attention. We have a big sale at the end of this month at Confetti and Curves on the 21st and 22nd of September with prices starting from just £99! Click here for info.

Asked whether alterations are included in the price and are available at the boutique?

This extra cost catches a lot of brides out.

Considered all the colourways available?

White weddings may be traditional, but try ivory, blush or champagne for a softer look.

Tried on the boutique owner’s recommendation?

It might be a million miles from what you think you want, but just try it… you never know!

Worn a range of silhouettes to see what suits you best?

We’ve heard from enough brides who wanted fit and flare but fell in love with ballgowns to know that an open mind is essential!

Tried your dress on with a veil?

This accessory can really elevate your look and help you feel like a real bride.

Thought about the temperature on your wedding day?

Sleeves will keep the chill off at a winter wedding, while layer upon layer of tulle could see you sweltering on a hot summer’s day.

Received a second opinion from someone you trust?

Invite your mum, future mother-in-law, family or friends to each appointment to gauge their reactions too. But don't bring a harem because too many people will simply cloud your judgement.

Tried on just the right number of dresses?

Too few might leave you wondering what if, but try too many and you’ll end up in a muddle.

Tried to walk and sit down in your dress?

What’s comfortable posing in front of a mirror might not feel so brilliant doing other things – check!

Asked how to adjust the dress during the day?

You might like to bustle up your train or remove a detachable over-skirt…

Once you’ve checked off every element of the list, you’re in a good position to make a decision about buying your wedding dress. Read our advice on how to choose the perfect bridesmaids dresses at our sister store Brides & Bustles.