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Honeymoon Mistakes You Should Try & Avoid

You've been dreaming of your honeymoon forever, so don't ruin it by making these silly mistakes!

Your honeymoon should be the trip of a lifetime, and undoubtedly, someone has had to save hard for you to take it — so it's best to make the most out of it. Plus, after everything you’ve gone through while planning your wedding, you deserve a blissful honeymoon break where you can relax and unwind.

Whether you intend to have a romantic mini-moon, or jet off on a once-in-a-lifetime far-flung honeymoon trip, there are a few mistakes you should try to avoid, if you want your honeymoon to be everything it should be.

Here are the things you should never do, or try to avoid while on your honeymoon.

Mistakes to Avoid on Your Honeymoon

Booking a Honeymoon Without Checking the Season

You might have always dreamed of going to a particular honeymoon destination, and if that’s the case, make sure you think about when is the best time to travel there when planning your wedding and honeymoon.

You don’t want to accidentally end up booking a visit during monsoon season, for example. And you might want to consider planning your wedding date around the right time for your honeymoon plans, or pushing back your honeymoon.

This guide to the best honeymoon destinations by month will help you pick the right one for you!

Not Checking Guidelines for Health

It’s more crucial than ever these days to pay attention to health advice when travelling. Do you need specific jabs to travel? Do they have any guidance in place at the moment? Do your research to make sure you’re safe and healthy.

Not Making a Detailed Travel Plan

A detailed travel plan is essential if you’re going to catch multiple connecting flights. Do you really have enough time between your changeovers? How far apart are your terminals?

Walk yourself through the journey you are going to take, and make sure it’s all doable. Also, be considerate of your plans - do you really want to be on a 7am flight the day after your wedding? Remember flight times are not airport arrival times.

If you plan on going on a road trip for your honeymoon, factor in journey times and the need for pitstops during your route.

Spending All Your Time on Your Phone

Your honeymoon is a chance to spend quality time with your new spouse! Stay off social media, and don’t try and view your activities or experiences as a chance to show off on the socials!

It can be hard as we’ve all become conditioned into thinking about how we can display our lives on social media, but give your phone a break and live in the moment!

Not Making a Proper Budget

Your honeymoon should be incredible, and of course, you need to make sure you don’t blow all your savings on this one trip. Make a proper budget for your wedding and honeymoon to ensure you know how much you have to spend.

If you’re likely to blow the budget on day one, make sure you set a budget for your honeymoon too, and stick to it! Allocate funds for trips, fancy meals and other experiences to make sure you can afford it all and you’re not left disappointed.

Why not consider a honeymoon gift list to make sure you can afford to do everything you're dreaming of?

Failing to Research the Paperwork You'll Need

Do you need a special visa for where you want to honeymoon? What documentation do you need for your trip? How long do you need on your passport before it expires? Read up on this with plenty of time to go and make sure you have everything you need, plus copies!

And remember - if you’re changing your name when you get married, you need to make sure your name on your tickets for travel matches the name in your passport.

Not Doing Your Research

You might have picked your amazing honeymoon destination based on an Instagram browse, or perhaps it was a celebrity honeymoon destination! But how much research have you actually done?

Look into what you can do there, and read up on reviews of experiences others’ have had. You want this to be something you remember for years to come, so don’t just expect to wing it when you get there.


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