Date Ideas For Couples in Lockdown

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

With Valentines just around the corner, it's time to get creative and do something special together at home.

Whatever stage you're at in your relationship, the lockdown will have certainly put some pressure on you both. If you're living together it can be hard to keep the motivation to give each other affection or attention, because you're just trying to deal with yourself. Not having the option of going out to eat, drink or be entertained can also add a layer of monotony to your interactions. Not to mention the pressure of juggling work and childcare. All of these things are understandable and completely normal right now. What's important is that you recognise it, and do something that will reignite the connection between you. If you're living separately, this can be more of a challenge, but thankfully with technology, we're all a little closer than we used to be.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we’re all panic-Googling DIY at-home date ideas, so we thought we'd share our (mostly) tried and tested date suggestions with you.

Make the Most of Your Lockdown Valentine’s Day & Beyond


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