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Confetti and Curves has been created with the knowledge that ALL brides deserve the same experience and are able to try on a good selections of shapes, styles and fabrics. We have personally selected beautiful gowns from our designers in plus sizes 18 upwards which include, White Rose Graceful, True Bride and Beautiful Brides +

With the cost of our curvy wedding dresses ranging from between £750 to £2000, there really is something for every bride whatever your budget! Don’t forget we always have gowns to sell 'off the peg' if you’re short of time!

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Confetti & Curves Plus Size Wedding Dresses in Bedfordshire


We stock a huge selection of plus size wedding dresses from top brands specifically designed to showcase your curves and create the shape you have been dreaming of...! 

We share our top tips on how to choose the perfect curvy wedding dress, decorate your big day & entertain your guests.

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