Things You Should Keep in Mind Ahead Of The Big Day

Read on for some key pieces of pre-wedding advice & keep your head in check

There are lots of things you could forget or neglect in the lead up to or on your wedding day. From the practical to the psychological, we address some of the most common stresses or oversights brides and grooms can experience.

In the whirlwind of wedding planning, it can be easy to lose your head and forget some of the most important stuff. Below, we list some of the most important things to consider ahead of the big day and how to cope with them. One resounding theme runs throughout: the more you panic or worry about something, the less you'll enjoy the whole experience!


Hang on to your sense of humour. Watch Bridesmaids, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Mamma Mia for extreme (and hilarious) movies about pre-wedding madness. Always remind yourself not to take things too seriously. At the end of the day, you're getting married to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with – everything else is secondary.


If you want to look your best on the day, it's worth considering what you eat and drink in the lead up to it. Avoiding alcohol, drinking plenty of water and eating lots of antioxidant-rich foods, for example, could work wonders on your skin. There are also hardcore skincare regimes that can produce brilliant results if you follow them and we love a facial for a more pampering tactic (who doesn't? Wedding or no wedding?!). Sleep is another crucial contributor to looking and feeling your best. Try to get a good night's sleep the night before the big day (easier said than done!), if you're prone to anxiety, take a look at some meditation techniques ahead of time and this will only help not just in sleep but also in keeping a calm head throughout the process.


There are so many ways to make yourself feel more confident in your body on the big day. While it is absolutely not essential (the person you're marrying wants to marry you for you), lots of women still want to take up sporty activities before the wedding. We recommend finding a class that you enjoy. More importantly, exercise boosts happy hormones like serotonin, which is a great reason to do it, especially if you're prone to stress. Nothing crazy, just get your heart rate up and you'll be amazed at how you feel.


Don’t buy underwear too far in advance. Lots of women's breasts are one of the first things to change size if they gain or lose weight, so it's worth holding off buying your lingerie until nearer the day in order to avoid a clash with your dress. Plus, if you haven't bought your wedding gown, you shouldn't even be thinking about what goes underneath it yet. If you're planning to wear something lovely on your wedding night and/or honeymoon, however, you could start browsing earlier on in the planning process.


As clichéd as it sounds, you really should just look the best version of yourself on the day – not someone else. Ask any bridal stylist, boutique owner or designer and they'll tell you to wear an outfit that makes you look and feel fabulous and not something that just isn't you. We really, really advise you not to wear something that you know will make a family member happy even if it's not quite what you love. We're always surprised by how many brides either choose or reject a dress because mum does or doesn't like it. She's not wearing it! Likewise, if your hair and make-up artist is getting too creative or putting on too many products, tell them. Don't worry about it in silence. Your partner expects to marry the woman he or she got down on one knee for. Don’t shock them with a stranger on the day.


Don't get projected social anxiety (overly worrying that your guests feel awkward or uncomfortable) at the wedding. While you should be mindful of what guests care about and/or hate about weddings, it's not your job to manage interactions. Besides, if anyone doesn't enjoy themself on the day, that's completely out of your control. All that counts is that you and your partner are happy. :)


You must ensure that everyone who helped you organise the day knows you're grateful. There's a reason friendships can suffer during wedding planning (not that this should ever be the case), and it's because it can be hard work for them, too. You'll have family members and friends who've put their own time and money into your day, so don't get distracted and forget to give them the thanks they deserve. Even if you think something is expected of your maid of honour, bridesmaids, mother in law, etc., they didn't have to do it. There are lots of bridesmaid gift ideas and usher and best-man gift ideas; giving them one is a simple way to show you're truly appreciative.


It's likely you will feel different when you’re married. Many newly married brides say that, while they might not have expected it before the big day, being married has had a positive psychological, emotional and practical impact on them. It’s not just a bit of paper!

Keeping happy and healthy in body and mind is absolutely key when planning a wedding. Do this and you'll be the best damn bride ever!

Claire & Christine xx