Mother Of The Bride Duties Explained

You knew this day would come. Be prepared and be the best Mother of the Bride ever!

You knew this day would come. Your little girl is all grown up and getting married, which means you now get to play the role of mother of the bride. Whether you're keen to be involved in every wedding planning detail, or prefer to play more of a supportive role throughout the process, there are a few duties that every mother of the bride should take part in.

Be a helping hand and cheerleader throughout

From finding the right wedding venue to the perfect dress, to even the best items to have on the wedding gift registry, your daughter will need your help and motherly advice throughout the wedding planning. No one will be able to reassure her like you, nor will anyone be able to tell her when she might be turning into a bridezilla, quite like you.

Be the go-to contact for wedding suppliers