Mother Of The Bride Duties Explained

You knew this day would come. Be prepared and be the best Mother of the Bride ever!

You knew this day would come. Your little girl is all grown up and getting married, which means you now get to play the role of mother of the bride. Whether you're keen to be involved in every wedding planning detail, or prefer to play more of a supportive role throughout the process, there are a few duties that every mother of the bride should take part in.

Be a helping hand and cheerleader throughout

From finding the right wedding venue to the perfect dress, to even the best items to have on the wedding gift registry, your daughter will need your help and motherly advice throughout the wedding planning. No one will be able to reassure her like you, nor will anyone be able to tell her when she might be turning into a bridezilla, quite like you.

Be the go-to contact for wedding suppliers

If you're paying for the wedding, or the wedding venue is near you (and the bride is not), you may be expected to help organise all of the suppliers from the florist to the caterers, entertainers and more. To ensure it goes smoothly, make sure to get all of the contact details from your daughter as soon as possible. And consult our month-by-month wedding planner guide for our best tips.

Research traditions and find family heirlooms

Traditionally, finding the bride 'something old, something new' is the responsibility of the mother of the bride. Similarly, if there's a family heirloom or tradition the bride would like incorporated into the day, it's your job to help make this happen.

Liaise with the mother of the groom

While your daughter organises her bridal party, it's your job to liaise with the mother of the groom. Traditionally, the mother of the bride is meant to choose her wedding outfit and hat first, then notify the mother of the groom on what they are wearing. This way both mothers can ensure their outfits are in sync and avoid any clashing colours or fashion faux pas.

Play hostess on the day

While it may be your daughter's big day, as mother of the bride it's also, in a way, your day too! Traditionally, the mother and father of the bride are the hosts of the wedding, so on the day it's your job to welcome guests, ensure everyone is looked after and also to take care of the wedding gifts.

Remind her you love her

As exciting as planning a wedding can be, there will be times throughout the process when your daughter may end up feeling stressed, overwhelmed or needing to shoulder to cry on. At these times, just reminding her you love her, and that everything will be okay, can go a long way.