8 Creative 2020 Wedding Ideas that you'll Love!

From photography to décor, here's what you need to know for your 2020 wedding

Here at Confetti and Curves, we're always talking about the latest trends and brainstorming creative wedding ideas, and we especially love doing this at the beginning of each year. What's to come in the year ahead? What will the dress trends be?

Below, you'll find 8 2020 wedding ideas, trends, and thoughts that we are excited to see more of in 2020. From décor moments we're obsessed with to practices we can't wait to see couples take on. In short: These are the ideas that could take your wedding from "cool wedding" to "wedding of the year" (or decade). We hope these ideas inspire you to create some of your own. We'll be right here ready to compliment your creativity once you do.

2020 Wedding Ideas that you'll Love

1. Set the scene

This year, we're excited to see couples say "I do" under non-traditional ceremony structures. If you're creating a unique altar or backdrop for your ceremony, make it count. We're in favour of décor that does double duty—and the focal point of the day is no exception. Beyond repurposing florals and structures throughout the night, remember to get creative with the "extras" as well. There have never been more options available, and we encourage you to use them to create whatever vibe you're going for.