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8 Creative 2020 Wedding Ideas that you'll Love!

From photography to décor, here's what you need to know for your 2020 wedding

Here at Confetti and Curves, we're always talking about the latest trends and brainstorming creative wedding ideas, and we especially love doing this at the beginning of each year. What's to come in the year ahead? What will the dress trends be?

Below, you'll find 8 2020 wedding ideas, trends, and thoughts that we are excited to see more of in 2020. From décor moments we're obsessed with to practices we can't wait to see couples take on. In short: These are the ideas that could take your wedding from "cool wedding" to "wedding of the year" (or decade). We hope these ideas inspire you to create some of your own. We'll be right here ready to compliment your creativity once you do.

2020 Wedding Ideas that you'll Love

1. Set the scene

This year, we're excited to see couples say "I do" under non-traditional ceremony structures. If you're creating a unique altar or backdrop for your ceremony, make it count. We're in favour of décor that does double duty—and the focal point of the day is no exception. Beyond repurposing florals and structures throughout the night, remember to get creative with the "extras" as well. There have never been more options available, and we encourage you to use them to create whatever vibe you're going for.

2. Decorate with Wallpaper

It's no secret that wallpaper can transform a space at home—and it's the same when used at a wedding. We're seeing planners use prints on statement walls (behind the head table, as an escort card display) and even as the ceremony altar itself. Feel free to get creative!

3. Involve Guests in the Ceremony

Make your guests really feel part of the day by involving them in the ceremony. You can take many approaches to this idea and make it your own, but we have a few thoughts to get you started. First, you can make like this bride and groom, who asked guests to read their intentions or goals for the couple aloud before the vow exchange. Or, you can take after the ceremony shown here, where the couple had their wedding party pass their wedding bands in a circle before handing them over for the big exchange. Other ideas we love? A group call-and-response reading (from a favourite book, poem, or song) and a group sing-a-long of a fitting or meaningful tune. In all cases, you'd inform guests of their involvement and print any needed materials on the ceremony program.

4. Exchange Private Vows

After obsessing over the guest experience and all the ways to make them go "wow," you can't forget to think about yourselves. That's why we want to highlight one of our favourite new rituals: sharing vows in private. This is an especially great solution if you're not an A+ public speaker (because who is?) or if you want to exchange traditional vows during the ceremony. Also, exchanging vows in private gives you more time to focus on your partner and your love... and at the end of the day, what more do you want than that?

5. Take a Mid-Ceremony Shot

This is another way to involve your guests—and, no, we're not talking about a bridesmaid squad pic! Instead, we mean actually take a shot during your ceremony! Talk about a great way to start the party—and a lifetime of adventure together. Leave a shot under each of your guests chairs or give it to them as they enter so you can all have a little celebratory tipple together!

6. Have a 'Touch Up' Bar

There's always a hell of long line in the ladies' room as girls (by nature) love to fix their hair and makeup mid-party. Here's your solution! Hire some pros or set up a few touch-up stations at the ready for your reception. We're not talking full makeovers here, but a fresh gloss or curl can go a long way—especially if there's a photo booth nearby!

7. Reimagine the Photo Booth

Forget all the props and make this more of a "moment" for guests. We're all about an epic backdrop such as this cool neon sign or a wall of mirror-balls but this choice is endless! Go for something that your guests will instantly remind your guests that this pic was from your big day while also being totally 'Instagrammable'!

8. Do a 'Last Dance'

At the end of the night, kick all of your guests out and take one last swing, just the two of you. And don't worry: This is not a rude move. In fact, it has an added bonus as it gives everyone time to get in place for your sure-to-be-special exit.


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