7 Essential Wedding Planning Tools & Resources

There are lots of apps and online tools that can make wedding planning your big day a whole lot easier.

For many, it is a stressful, intense, time-consuming, emotional roller-coaster of an experience.

If you’re entering into, or in the midst of unchartered wedding planning territory then fear not, help is at hand in the form of some rather invaluable wedding planning tools and resources.

The tools and resources that we're sharing with you today are those that our couples rely on and would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone looking to make their wedding planning journey more efficient, structured, inspirational and enjoyable, and less time consuming and stressful.

Planning a wedding is not easy, but these resources will make it better.


Even if you're terrified of the concept of forward-thought, you can’t really plan a wedding without some form of schedule or spreadsheet. If you’re old school in your approach then how about investing in a simple yet stylish wedding planning notebook?

Or if you’d prefer to go digital (which would be our personal recommendation) then you should definitely check out Google Docs, which will allow you to keep track of and shar