6 You Should Never Say To Your Bridesmaids

Before you put your fancy bridal shoes in it, here's some things you should probably avoid saying to your best girls.

Wedding planning has the ability to make any bride-to-be go a little crazy from time to time, or get really excited for all the fun events to come—which is normal! And your bridesmaids will be there to ride this exciting roller-coaster with you. But one word of advice? Treat them the way you'd want to be treated, even when planning gets the best of you.

what not to say to your bridesmaids

Here are 6 things you should take a look at before you put your foot in it!

1. This bridesmaid dress will look great on all of you!

While you may believe the bridesmaid dresses you have chosen are stunning, they will not necessarily be right for all of your girls. Consider finding a style & colour grouping where each bridesmaid can have a slightly different dress that flatters her individual shape.

2. It’s time to start that diet!

No woman wants to hear that she needs to loose a few pounds, especially when she’s just agreed to spend a fortune to be a part of your special day. So be sure to pick a dress that’s flattering on everyone, and make every one of your girls feel comfortable in their own skin.

bride with her bridesmaids

3. Are you going to cover up that tattoo?

If one of your girls has an extremely offensive tattoo, it would be permissible to ask her, gently, to cover it, otherwise, ensure her dress covers it. All other tats you will just need to deal with – love your friends just the way they are.

4. I will be needing your help on weekends until the wedding

Your girls will absolutely want to help out with some of the planning details, but you need to understand that they have their own lives, too. If your need for help outweighs the resources and time of your friends, you may need to hire a wedding planner.

5. I expect all of your attention to be on me during the reception

Of course, your bridesmaids will be at the ready to help you freshen your hair, hold up your wedding dress when you visit the toilet or tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth. But don’t forget they are there to celebrate just like the rest of your guests. Enjoy watching them mingle, dance and have fun, they’ve earned it!

6. Only married maids can bring a plus one

If a bridesmaid has a significant other, but no ring on her finger, she should still be allowed to bring a date to your wedding. No question.